Nestle Malaysia AGM – Door gift / Goody Bag (April 2017)

Nestle Bhd 2017 AGM

Nestle Malaysia Bhd had their annual general meeting on 27 April 2017. I’m a month late in posting this but if you’ve been keeping up with my Facebook updates, you’d know that I went for the AGM but Nestle had, unfortunately, ran out of their door gifts. So here are the events that transpired.

The Annual General Meeting (AGM)

27 April 2017 was a gloomy Thursday and Nestle’s AGM was set to begin at 10 am. I was a little late and arrived at 10.15 am. The meeting was already underway and I didn’t want to disturb everyone by entering late. I proceeded to register myself and collect my door gift.

The whole AGM had a carnival-like atmosphere to it. Nestle set up a few booths promoting their new products and I’m pretty sure the shareholders that arrived before me had a wonderful time. However for me, arriving at 10.15 am, I only got to witness the aftermath.

Nestle Malaysia AGM 2017
Nestle – Creating Shared Value
Nestle Malaysia AGM 2017
Kit Kat Stand
Nestle Malaysia AGM 2017
Omega Stand
Nestle Malaysia AGM 2017
Registration Queue

Nestle Ran Out of Door Gifts!!

So, adding salt to my wounds, I found out after queuing for a good 15 minutes that Nestle had run out of door gifts and vouchers. Obviously, the shareholders weren’t happy with this and were making a scene the whole time.

Picture a hundred or so royally pissed old folks all around you, raising their voices at the poor Nestle IR team and demanding door gifts even though they had none. It’s not like they didn’t have a solution, Nestle had promised to deliver the door gifts to us. We just had to write down our contact details.

I didn’t see the point in arguing or reprimanding the good people at Nestle, it’s not like they could magically produce more goody bags for us.

Nestle Malaysia AGM 2017
Nestle Doorgift from other shareholders

19 May 2017 – The Arrival

Nestle’s door gift arrived on my doorsteps on 19 May 2017. It came with a nice little card thanking me for my patience as well as an RM50 Lazada voucher which was only eligible for Nestle products.

In the box were the usual Maggi noodles, Nescafe powder, and cereal. Passed all of it to my family and I took the bottle of Milo for myself. With the RM50 Lazada voucher, I bought myself 30 cans of 240 ml Nescafe Latte.

All in all, it was a pretty good haul for me as a shareholder.

Nestle Malaysia AGM 2017
Mine finally arrived!
Nestle Malaysia AGM 2017
Their thoughtful card
Nestle Malaysia AGM 2017
RM50 Lazada Voucher
Nestle Malaysia AGM 2017
2017 Nestle Goody Bag Products!
Nestle Malaysia AGM 2017
Maggi Oat Mee??

Investing in Nestle Malaysia Bhd

I’ve been a firm and staunch shareholder of Nestle Malaysia since March of 2014. I’ve also been receiving their goody bags in 2015, 2016 and most recently this year.

I own 200 units of shares in Nestle with a gross investment of RM13,376. Since 2014, I’ve received a total of RM1,620 in dividends from Nestle. That’s a 12% return via dividends only for 3 years. Today, my investments in Nestle are worth RM16,460, giving me a capital gain of 23.06%.

I’m expecting better dividends this month from Nestle and I’ve been looking for an opportunity to purchase more shares for 3 whole years now. The company just keeps growing, even with the implementation of GST in Malaysia.

Another really exciting development from Nestle Malaysia is their foray into e-commerce. The company is working really hard to increase revenue from their online sales and it should see huge increases in contribution to their bottom line in the coming years.

Do you own any shares in Nestle Malaysia? What do you think of the company?

Thanks for reading!

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25 Replies to “Nestle Malaysia AGM – Door gift / Goody Bag (April 2017)”

  1. Hi. Recently Nestle’s price has gone up so much. What’s your opinion? I’ve only 100 units. shall i sell it for profit gain or shall i keep t for dividend? I’m dilemma. I love the profit but i love Nestle too. Im afraid later it will go very much higher or it will fall back?….

    1. HI Hayley,

      Glad to hear you’ve made some paper gain with Nestle.
      Personally, I’m holding on because when price goes up, your dividends will follow suit as well. (Mostly)

      Why sell on a company that’s making money? Unless you think the share is way way overvalued

  2. Hi
    I wonder why I have never received any notification to attend Nestle Malaysia AGM?
    Or how to gegister to get inform to attend AGM?

    1. Hi Anderson,

      You’ll have to speak to your broker about it. Either you’ve got a nominee account or you’ve put in the wrong address OR a number of other things.

      Thanks for reading and writing in.

    1. Hey Mal,

      Damn! I think you should maybe give Nestle IR a call?
      I got mine in the box though. Do note that the voucher wasn’t in the envelope but chucked together with the other products.

      1. Thanks, Leigh. Just dropped Nestle Malaysia a ‘Complaint’ via its Contact Us column on the website. Even the content of the Thank You card I received is different from yours. Mine does not refer to the Lazada voucher. I am sorely disappointed with this whole fiasco – very badly managed and cost the company (read : shareholders likes us) unnecessary additional costs in distributing the door gifts via a separate exercise like this.

        1. Hey Mal,

          Agreed. It’s unnecessary costs incurred by the company. Should’ve just had the doorgift at Amcorp like in the past.
          Keep us updated on your situation man. I’d like to know how they handle it.\

          Thanks for writing in!

          1. After more than 2 weeks of waiting, I called up Nestlé Malaysia just before the Raya break and spoke to someone from the IR Section. She was very helpful but said my query/complaint (which, as I informed her during the telco, has become 2 ie the Lazada voucher and now the absence of response to my Lazada complaint for more than 2 weeks) is being handled by the Corporate and Communications Dept and that she would check for me. She called me after maybe half an hour to inform that the C&C Dept is still investigating the issues and will revert to me and many other complainants.

            It’s been about a week now. I shall follow up again, soon. Won’t let this go so easily. It’s not the rm50 voucher per se, but it’s a matter of principle

          2. Hey Mal,

            Yes! I agree wholeheartedly. Good on you for taking the effort. Sometimes others may view it as being petty but Nestle is such a big company. If it were a one in a million kind of mistake it would be fine. But we’ve got 2 readers (including you) already that’ve failed to receive their vouchers.

            Keep us updated will ya. Thanks Mal!

          3. Just an update here.

            After no news from Nestlé for more than 1 month (not too surprised, but certainly disappointed), I found the time and ‘energy’ to follow up (again).

            After speaking to the same person from IR, she requested me to contact the Corp Communications directly (with names of the persons in charge given). Spoke to someone there. Her explanation was that the Lazada voucher was given to those who made it to the AGM before the cut off time for breakfast voucher distribution. Frankly, I couldn’t recall what time I reached the AGM. But as I told her, I can accept that explanation and they could have some everyone a lot of time and effort if only they had replied my ‘ Complaint’ sent thru their website more than 2 months ago. She kept apologising and thereafter belatedly replied that ‘ Complaint’.

            Still surprised and disappointed with the attitude

          4. Hey Mal,

            Thank you so much for the update, my friend. Although somewhat disappointing to hear, at least they’ve come up with an answer – a half-assed one.

            Interestingly, I think I arrived way past the breakfast voucher distribution. Almost everyone was already in the hall for the AGM. Thanks again for taking the time to keep everyone updated. Let us know if there’s more though!

  3. Hi Leigh,

    Feel the urge to save to invest some Nestle shares after reading yr posts and looking at the door gifts pics haha. But the entry amount is damn high. Takes a lot of time to save to that amount.

    Often heard people saying that it’s meaningless to invest in high price stock due to limitation in growth. Seems like it’s not true for Nestle. It is growing consistently and steadily for many years.

    Anyway, as usual, thanks for the post and sharing !

    1. Hi Lim,

      Yea it’s pretty expensive to get into Nestle. You’d need at least RM8K at current prices. But it should be worth your while in the long run.

      Those people are wrong, it doesn’t matter if the price is high or low. It’s just very shallow thinking.

      You’re most welcome! Thanks for dropping by man.

    1. Hi Kino,

      Sorry, the post might have been a little confusing. The RM50 Lazada voucher was given to all shareholders, not exclusive for us that got our doorgifts late.

      Hope this clarifies the situation. XD

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