DIVIDEND MAGIC Recomends: Stuff I Use

Credit Cards

1. American Express (AMEX)

Dividend magic amex

My Amex credit card is issued by Maybank. They offer a 5% cashback for weekend spending. I use it mainly for petrol and food as well as online purchases.

Amex by Maybank also rewards me with 5x Treatpoints whenever I spend. I use this religiously to accumulate and convert it for air miles.


1. Big Pay

Dividend Magic - Big Pay

Link: hERE


You’ll get free RM10 once you activate your card. Thereafter, you earn AirAsia BIG points from topping up as well as for each transaction.

How I Use This:
I use Big Pay in tandem with a Maybank credit card and Boost.

First, I top up my Big Pay with my Maybank Mastercard. Earning me Maybank’s Treat Points as well as BIG points from Big Pay.

And if a merchant accepts Boost as payment, I reload my Boost with Big Pay. I get additional cashback from Boost.

2. Boost

Dividend Magic - Boost

Link: hERE

Code: leeo0lg

You’ll get up to RM5 cashback when you top up Boost for the first time. Thereafter, you earn cashback after each transaction by Shaking your phone.

How I Use This:
I use this together with Big Pay whenever possible. See above for the steps to maximum efficiency.

3. Grab Pay

Dividend Magic - Grab Pay

Link: hERE

Code: Nil

How I Use This:
Grab Pay is the only e-wallet I know of that allows topping up with Amex cards. And I love Amex.

I top up with my Maybank American Express card on the weekend, earning me a 5% cashback as well as 5x TreatPoints. Boom!

Products and Services

1. Funding Societies

Funding Societies Malaysia

Link: hERE

Code: j1mwa37p

You’ll receive RM50 when you invest your first RM1,000. That’s an instant 5% return.

How I Use This:
Funding Societies is a P2P loan financing platform. I’ve been earning annualized returns of up to 13% with them. 

Read more on it hERE.

2. Rakuten

Dividend Magic Rakuten trade

Link: hERE

Code: 6ebFMSSTQU

Rakuten is the first brokerage in Malaysia that offers points for stock trading. You can redeem you RT points for AirAsia flight tickets, a Starbucks drink or fuel from Shell.

How I Use This:
Rakuten Trade offers Nominee Accounts instead of the traditional Direct CDS accounts.

Other brokerages generally charge a fee for corporate actions such as signing up for Dividend Reinvestment Plans but I’ve gotten confirmation from Rakuten that they will continue to provide the services free of charge.

On top of that, you get points for every trade you make. 


Booklist as recommended by me and some of our readers.

“The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.” – Dr. Seuss

These are all books that I’ve read and found extremely useful and motivating in my path to Financial Independence.

I’ve posted the links as e-book and Kindle versions. If you’ve not got a kindle, I highly suggest getting one because getting your reading materials there is way cheaper compared to conventional books.

If you have any other suggestions do leave a comment here. Your contributions are highly appreciated.

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