Nestle Malaysia Berhad – Goody Bag (May 2016)

Nestle Malaysia Goody Bag

It’s that time of the year again and I collected the ever popular Nestle Malaysia Goody Bag at Amcorp Mall today (2 May 2016). To all other Nestle shareholders out there, if you’ve yet to do so, you have until 5 May 2016 to collect it. They are there from 11 am – 9 pm.

I did not want to pay the parking fees for a brief 15 min collection so I had a friend drop me off at the entrance. On my way to the counter, I saw 2 aunties and an old uncle carrying the signature Nestle box except this time around, it was a greenish blue color. There was virtually no line at all at the counter, I handed over my IC, signed on the attendance sheet and collected my goody bag.

Nestle Malaysia Goody Bag
The box of goodies

This year I noticed on the attendance list a shareholder who was only 24 years old. I guess gone are the days where I was the only 20s person to collect the goody bag. If you’re reading this, please let me know!

Now, them pictures:

Nestle Malaysia Goodie Bag

This year, it seems there were more packets of Maggi, I gave most of mine away last year but I think I’m going to hang on to them this time. The Royale series looks good.

Nestle Malaysia Goody Bag

A surprise this year as Nestle celebrates their 100 year anniversary. I thought there’d be more fanfare than a couple of stamps. No idea what to do with these, do I collect them or use it?

Nestle Malaysia Goody Bag

A closer look at the Maggi instant noodles they gave. May Malaysians continue to enjoy their favorite instant noodles for a long long time.

Nestle Malaysia Goody Bag

The healthier options from Nestle, this should cover my breakfast needs for a few days.

Nestle Malaysia Goody Bag


I’ve collected goodies from Nestle Malaysia for 3 years now and the company has been a strong performer throughout. You can find last year’s goody bag HERE and do your own comparison. My dividend yield from Nestle is reaching its 5% mark and the share is up by 12% since I purchased it back in 2014.

The goodies were the usual ones, may Maggi, Nescafe and Milo continue to provide for Nestle and all Malaysians alike! I didn’t get to meet up with any other shareholders this time around again, everyone seems to be shy. Hope to have a meet up with fellow readers in the near future.

Thanks for reading!

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