Malaysia AGMs – Doorgifts and Goody Bags

I’m compiling a comprehensive list of door gifts and goody bags given out by Malaysian companies during their AGMs.

You can expect some of the gifts to stay the same every year and some to change. You may receive an RM100 voucher this year but nothing the next. So manage your expectations!

I’ll begin with a list of what I’ve received and update it every time I come back from an AGM. The list will also include photos and info contributed by other shareholders.

A Request

There are hundreds of company AGMs to attend and hundreds of goodies to receive. Unfortunately, I am only one person and can only attend so many.

So, for those of you who’ve attended AGMs and have photos to share. Drop me an email at

AirAsia Group Berhad

2017 (May) – RM500 Flight voucher. Breakfast provided.

Carlsberg Brewery Malaysia Bhd

2019 (April) – Carlsberg products



2019 (April) – Petronas gift card worth RM30 and 1 set of cutlery with metal straw. Meal provided

2019 – Provided by Aeolus


2019 (February) – RM50 Aeon voucher

2019 – Provided by Teo Cher Ming Berhad

2019 (May) – RM100 reload. KFC plate set voucher.

2019 – Provided by Aeolus

Dutch Lady

2019 (April) – Dutch lady products. Meal provided.

Their AGM meal pack is among the best. Got rice, chicken steak with mushroom sauce, sweet chilli fish cake, sweet and sour prawns. – Aeolus Tee

2019 – Provided by Aeolus


2017 (April) – RM38 hotel meal voucher. Coffee / Tea provided.

KLCC Property Holdings Bhd

2019 (April) – RM100 Mandarin Oriental voucher

2019 – Provided by Teo Cher Ming

Malakoff Corporation Bhd

2019 (April) – RM40 KFC vouchers. Meal provided.

2019 – Provided by Teo Cher Ming

Malayan Banking Berhad

2019 (April) – RM50 Aeon vouchers. Free health check up. Breakfast provided.

2019 – Provided by Lim

Media Prima Berhad

2019 (May) – RM40 KFC voucher

2019 – Provided by Aeolus

MMC Corporation Berhad

2019 (May) – RM40 KFC voucher. Meal provided.

2019 – Provided by Aeolus

Nestle Malaysia Berhad

2019 (April) – Nestle products. Breakfast provided.
2018 (April) – Nestle products. Breakfast provided.
2017 (April) – Nestle products. Breakfast provided.
2016 (April) – Nestle products.
2015 (April) – Nestle products.

Petronas Dagangan Berhad

2019 (April) – RM100 Petrol gift card

2019 – Provided by Aeolus

Petronas Gas Berhad

2019 (April) – RM100 Petrol gift card

2019 – Provided by Aeolus

PPB Group Berhad

2019 (May) – PPB products and GSC movie tickets.

PPB Group Berhad Doorgift
2019 – Provided by Aeolus

Public Bank Berhad

2017 (March) – Goody bag. Coffee / Tea provided.

RHB Bank Berhad

2019 (April) – Gift vouchers. Meal provided.


Scientex Berhad

2018 (December) – Kambing bakar.

Sime Darby Property

2019 (April) – RM50 Food voucher for Sime Darby Convention Centre.

2019 – Provided by Aeolus

Tune Protect

2017 (May) – Tune goody bag. RM20 Secret Recipe voucher provided.