Dividend Income – May 2019

Dividend Income

Took a pretty long break during the Raya holidays, hence the kinda late post. I received a total of RM1,332.16 for the month of May.

Only two companies contributed to my dividend income last month – Malayan Banking Berhad and Nestle Malaysia Berhad.

Compared to the same month last year, I only collected RM667.52. That’s a 69.51% increase in dividends. Total dividends stand at RM7,142.72. Dividend is at a healthy 2.04% so far.

Malayan Banking Berhad

May 2019 Dividends – RM1,052.16
May 2018 Dividends – RM1,040.64
Total 2019 Dividends –  RM1,052.16
Total 2018 Dividends –  RM1,853.64
Dividend Yield (so far) – 3.92%

Received a total of RM1,052.16 as dividends. Some in the form of shares via Maybank’s dividend reinvestment plan. Full details of the DRIP are hERE.

Nestle Malaysia Berhad

May 2019 Dividends – RM280
May 2018 Dividends – RM270
Total 2019 Dividends –  RM280
Total 2018 Dividends –  RM550
Dividend Yield (so far) – 2.09%


We’ve broken the 2% dividend yield mark. Should hit 3% in a month or two. June is gonna rock!

As of the month of May, my total dividend income so far is 4% higher compared to 2018. In simpler terms, my dividends are increasing.

We are at a total dividend income of  RM7,142.72 . Giving the Freedom Fund a yield of 2.04% now.

Freedom Fund as at May 2019
Dividend Income (May) –  RM1,332.16
Dividend Income (2019) –  RM7,142.72
Dividend Yield – 2.04 % 

A Guide to Dividend Reinvestment Plans in Malaysia (Online)

Maybank’s Dividend Reinvestment Plan Online Application

No more going to the post office to subscribe dividend reinvestment plans (“DRP”) guys and girls. FINALLY.

Tricor has rolled out online applications and it is so convenient. Here, I’ll show everyone how it’s done. Step-by-step.

Tricor’s Online DRP Application

Step 1 – Register and Login

First, head over to Tricor and obviously, you’ll have to go through the motions and sign up for an account.

Proceed to login to your account.

Step 2 – Selecting the Corporate Exercise

As highlighted in the image above, select the corporate exercise you as a shareholder wishes to take part in.

In this case, Maybank’s Dividend Reinvestment Plan. Click ‘Next’.

Steps 3 & 4 – Terms and Conditions of the DRP

The next step brought me to the T&Cs of the dividend reinvestment plan. Read through, check the box and click ‘Next’.

Maybank is giving out shares in lieu of cash dividends. The shares will be issued at RM8 per share.

The lower the figure, the better. Because I’ll get more shares.

Step 5 – Declaration

Declare that you’re fit to participate in the corporate exercise. Check the box and click ‘Next’.

Step 6 – My Dividends

So, this is how a DRP works. First, the price for one Maybank share is hovering around the RM8.9 and RM9 region.

Without the DRP, I stand to receive RM1,052.16 in dividend income. Cash.

By electing to receive my dividends in Maybank shares instead of cash, I’ll receive 69 Maybank shares and RM493.20.

How did I get 69 shares you ask? That’s RM558.96 / RM8 per share.
RM8 being the issue price mentioned earlier.

Why DRP?

So, the why is simple. I stand to receive RM1,052.16 if I took it all out in cash.

Maybank is giving me some of it in shares, at RM8 per share.

The market price for one Maybank share is RM8.90. That’s a 11.25% premium. So if the price holds, I’ll gain 11.25% on my 69 shares.

However, you do not want to opt for a DRP if:

1. The issue price is ABOVE the share price (duh)
2. The issue price is really close to the share price.

First, no one in their right mind will opt for Maybank’s DPR if say, the market price for a share is RM7. This usually happens when a stock’s prices are in a freefall.

For number 2, we have to pay to participate in corporate exercises. In this case, see Step 7.

Step 7 – Payment

Followed the instructions and made my payment. RM13 in handling fees and stamp duty.

An extra RM3 in handling fees. Heck, I’d pay RM10 to save my time.


So there you have it. I’ve been participating in Maybank’s DRP ever since I owned the bank’s shares. And it has been rewarding.

In the last DRP, the issue price was at RM7.25.

With Tricor’s new online system, it has been even easier and more convenient for me.

So, Maybank shareholders out there, give the online system a try and save your time. As we all know, time is everything.