Public Bank AGM 2017

Public Bank AGM

I attended the long awaited Public Bank AGM on 27 March 2017. It being my first time to a Public Bank AGM, I didn’t know what to expect. It’s tough to put into words the atmosphere of an AGM so I’ll let the photos I took do most of the talking. I’ve received photos from some of our readers and compiled the of them for your viewing pleasure. Thank you again, contributors!

So there were 2 main reasons I wanted to attend this year’s AGM. First and foremost, the door gift. And also to meet the legend himself – Tan Sri Dato’ Seri Dr. Teh Hong Piow, founder of Public Bank. He is 87 this year.

I realize I could’ve improved this post with the full documentation of my journey. But alas, I’m still a newbie. I’ll learn.

Getting there

According to the notice, the AGM was poised to begin at 11 am sharp. Registration started as early as 7 am. Reading around online, I figured that parking would be an issue. So I decided to try out our new LRT. The whole journey took me about an hour and cost RM4.

The AGM was held at Shangri-La hotel in Kuala Lumpur. I arrived at 10 am and boy was I glad I took the train. The picture doesn’t really show it but it was a complete standstill outside the hotel. It didn’t help that all the drivers were old people..

Public Bank AGM

We arrived just in time to catch a glimpse of Tan Sri Dato’ Seri Dr. Teh Hong Piow with his entourage walking into the hotel. All attempts of getting a picture of him with me inside failed miserably. I did snap a shot of his ride – it is a Rolls Royce. And he seems to love the number 3, all three cars had them.

Public Bank AGM
Tan Sri Teh Hong Piow’s Ride


Next step was registration. They had like 20 counters so there wasn’t much queueing up to do. It took all but 5 minutes to register with my NRIC and get my doorgift. It was a bloody red-colored bag that says Public Bank at the side. Major disappointment. I guess useful now that Malaysia is implementing the no plastic bags rule all over.

Public Bank AGM


As specified in the AGM notice, refreshments will come in the form of coffee and tea. Nothing else. I made do with some water and headed across the street for some sandwiches at O’Briens.

Public Bank AGM
The ‘Refreshments’
Public Bank AGM
Old People Everywhere!

The Annual General Meeting

Finally, at 10.45 am, I headed down to the main hall for the main event – Public Bank AGM. 90% of shareholders attending the AGM were old folks, where are all the young Malaysian investors at?! The only youngsters below the age of 40 I see there were Public Banks’ staff.

Also, as seen in some of the pics, the main hall where Public Bank AGM was supposed to be held was fully seated. It was a sad and pitiful sight to see so many old people being forced to stand around throughout the duration of the AGM. Many couldn’t take it and had to leave the hall, not to be let in again.

Public Bank AGM
Heading down
Public Bank AGM
More old people
Public Bank AGM
In the main hall. More.
Public Bank AGM
And more!
Public Bank AGM
It begins

Public Bank AGM

Public Bank AGM
The man himself
Public Bank AGM
The stuff you hear everyone preach


Rant incoming. I really hate Malaysians. We are sorely lacking in class. When the board of directors opened up for questions from the floor, guess what happened?

  1. Uncle Singh came up to the mic and complained about the bad service and malfunctioning of the thumbprint readers at his branch;
  2. Chinese Auntie was next, she congratulated the directors, wished Tan Sri good health etc… And proceeded to promote her god damned charity. Even had the audacity to shout out her phone number to get donations;
  3. More congratulations and wishing of good health for the chairman;
  4. A woman in kebaya claims she flew from east Malaysia because her parents sent her to request for FD for senior citizens that pay monthly interests;
  5. Middle aged guy asked to continue the FD promo because he likes it; and
  6. More congratulations and wishing of good health for the chairman.

Seriously.. wtf. An AGM isn’t the avenue to discuss your bloody thumbprint reader at your kampung branch. Neither is it the place to ask for donations for your charity!!

The board of directors and the founder of Public Bank doesn’t want to hear you wishing him good health 20 times during a meeting. As for your FD requests, take it up with your branch manager or something. Not to the board of directors. GEEZ

Apologies for the rant but seriously every single one of the shareholders either asked stupid questions or said stupid stuff. Essentially, everybody’s’ time was wasted. The chairman of the meeting was visibly pissed and I really respect him for having the patience to deal with Malaysians.


That last picture. That same phrase and mantra have been repeated time after time. You hear it, especially from your relatives and grandparents. It goes like this ‘If you purchased 1,000 units of Public Bank shares 50 years ago, subscribed to all its rights issues, and reinvested all dividends. You’d be a millionaire today. So during this Public Bank AGM, they did the math and came up with this diagram. Not only would you be a millionaire, you’d have RM4.1 million today.

It goes like this ‘If you purchased 1,000 units of Public Bank shares 50 years ago, subscribed to all its rights issues, and reinvested all dividends. You’d be a millionaire today. So during the Public Bank AGM, they did the math and came up with this diagram. Not only would you be a millionaire, you’d have RM4.1 million today.

Also the 19% compounded return p.a.

My comments about old people are meant as light hearted humor. I respect my elders and if anything, the showing of so many elderly people at this Public Bank AGM is a sign of the trustworthiness and capabilities of the bank. So please refrain from sending me any hate mail on this issue. 

As always, thank you for reading guys. I hope more of you will be able to join me for other AGMs in the future.

For more AGMs, head over hERE for a long list of Malaysian companies and their door gifts.

10 Replies to “Public Bank AGM 2017”

  1. Hey Divvy,

    Been lurking your blog for a while now and it’s my first time commenting. I wanna thank you for doing what you do – as a fresh grad who recently started working and wondering what to do with his savings, your blog is some good stuff man 🙂

    Anyway, I read this^ post of yours a while ago and was pretty entertained/appalled by the graciousness of Malaysians attending an AGM of one of the biggest companies here. I was just browsing another link ( a few minutes ago and guess who showed up – our beloved Mr Singh (in point 8, assuming of course that it’s the same person). I thought it’d be funny (if in a sad way) to share this with you :p

  2. thanks for sharing, good reading your take. i have also never personally attended any AGM. but it just really shows again that we have a long way to go before all of us get clever at using the various platforms we have to voice our concerns on significant matters; be it at AGMs or other meetings. Dare i say that these are the kinds of shareholders who would have also held the shares for 20-30 years, making them millionaires in their own right haha

    1. Hey TJ,

      You’re right, some of them have been long time owners of the company. I really hope Malaysian shareholders show some real improvement moving forwards. Especially with our financial literacy as well as pure common sense xD

      Thanks for writing in TJ! Hope to see you at an AGM sometime soon.

  3. First time reader here. Mr Stingy recommended your blog for dividend investing in Malaysia. Since I’ve never been to a single AGM before even for stocks I own, may I know what a responsible shareholder should be asking during an AGM other than broken thumbprint machine and kissing the chairman’s ass?

    1. Hey Adrian,

      Thanks for writing in.

      An AGM isn’t the avenue to vent your frustrations with minor company problems. It’s more of a chance to talk about the big picture with the board of directors. Questions regarding the future direction, competition, earnings and matters related to the financial report of the company are all expected. The problem with Malaysians.. I sometimes don’t understand what goes on in our minds.

      Hope to see you at some future AGMs my friend.

  4. Long time reader/stalker, first time commenting. Thank you for all your insights dude. Its thoroughly and genuinely appreciated.

  5. I guess you were not aware of what was happening outside the meeting hall. When the meeting was about to end, they allowed the shareholders to start voting and collect the RM 50 parkson voucher after voting. The crowd jumped Q and started to push and shoved until it was all out of control . Guess you had miss this exciting part of the show of ugly Malaysians.

    1. Hey JA,

      Damn! Really? One look at the queue and I left immediately after the AGM.
      Did you manage to get footage of this?

      Malaysians are really an embarrassment. PBB should’ve handled it better as well.

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