Revised Maybank GIA-i – The Fairy Tale is OVER

Maybank GIA-i is No More

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It’s official, my favorite place to park my excess cash has been replaced with something alien. Maybank yesterday announced a change to their immensely popular Maybank GIA-i account. Coincidentally, I had a post up about this account just last month, lauding it’s high interest rates and liquidity. Sadly, all good things must come to an end. I just didn’t expect the end to come so swiftly and abruptly.

The ‘new’ GIA-i will take effect from 16 June 2017. Interest rates will be reduced then. On 1 August 2017, your liquidity will be taken away. The revised features and rates can be found below.

The Revised Features

Maybank GIA-i Revised Features
Maybank GIA-i Revised Features

These are the ‘revised’ features we are left with.  You basically forfeit your interests/profit if you uplift prematurely. It’s similar to CIMB’s Unfixed Deposit.

The Revised Rates

Maybank GIA-i Revised Rates
Maybank GIA-i Revised Rates

As you can see, you get your 3.45% only when you invest for 48 months. They even threw in a 3.55% for a 60-month long placement.

This is Shit

I’m calling it what it is. This is what Maybank is telling you, right now.

We’re giving you less interest.

We’re not letting you withdraw/uplift your placements without foregoing your interests.

On top of that, you’re still not getting PIDM protection for GIA-i.

So I ask you Maybank, what is the point of the GIA-i now? All other FDs are better in comparison out there. For example, putting my money in a 1 month FD with Maybank themselves will net me 2.95% today. I’d very much sacrifice that 0.5% return for some PIDM protection.


So, where does that leave us?

I’ll likely be placing my cash in Fixed Deposits. I’m planning to consolidate my holdings into a single bank and go for premier/priority banking in order to get better rates. Looking at Public Bank right now. Will keep you guys updated.

Another good alternative is Fundsupermart’s Cash Management Fund. Although I don’t like the 2-day waiting period for funds to reach your pocket. And they offer about 3.2 – 3.3% interest.

Do you guys have any other alternatives to Maybank GIA-i to share? Let me know.


It really is an end to an era with Maybank’s decision to revise their very popular GIA-i. I believe it could be due to abuse by some customers who withdraw and make placements every day to the interests daily. Maybank may change their mind in time when they realize just how many of their customers are using their GIA-i. Then again, maybe not.

There will always be bumps and challenges along the way and this will certainly pose some interesting problems to my Freedom Fund. It’s time to rethink and re-strategize. I’ll be meeting with a Public Bank Manager next week to discuss their red carpet banking.

Any of you are red carpet clients with Public Bank or priority clients with other banks? Please do let me know about it as I’m new to this.

Thanks for reading.

17 Replies to “Revised Maybank GIA-i – The Fairy Tale is OVER”

  1. Divvy Leigh,
    I have mortgages structured in such a way that any extra funds offsets outstanding loan amount and so reduces interest payment. So, extra funds go there now that the GIA is dead. HLB has payday FDs every month now with different and competitive rates – to encourage deposits. This is published towards the end of the month. I think can put minimum of 1K or 2K. Not as ideal as GIA was, but is the next best alternative.

  2. Really sad. Now there’s risk but no reward. Anyway, I’ve been looking at how much profits I’ve been getting for 1 month & 3 months placements, it doesn’t seem to tally with the interest rate/profit sharing ratio. They really need to provide a statement on the payouts!

    1. Actually, just to understand correctly, the indicative rate of 3% (for example) has not factored in the 63 : 37 sharing ratio right? So if total profit was RM1, you only get 63 sen?

      Doesn’t this make the ‘effective rate’ less than fixed d at 2.95%?

      Also, if these 2 statements “Profit calculated on daily basis Potentially earn higher returns.” & “The profit will be paid on monthly basis and it is NOT subject to tenor or number of withdrawal” are true, why is the indicative rate higher the longer the tenure?

      Isn’t it better to select 1 month (min RM5k) or 2 months (min RM1k) tenure and let it reinvest monthly to avoid the early withdrawal penalty?

      1. Hey usws,

        The 3% is what you get after the sharing ratio. Hope you read their fact sheet.

        “The profit will be paid on monthly basis and it is NOT subject to tenor or number of withdrawal” means regardless, your profit will be paid on a monthly basis. Nothing to do with your rates. Naturally, when the bank gets to hold your money longer, you get higher rates.

        The conclusion for the new GIA-i now is, forget it. You’re better off putting your money in FDs until such a time when Maybank decides to revise their terms. Hope this helped!

  3. Sad to see end of GIA. No point putting it there now.
    FYI, Hong Leong Bank is currently offering 7 months FD @ 4.17% now.

    1. Hey Cooling,

      Thanks for writing in!

      Yea it is really sad to see GIA go. I heard it was due to abuse by some that had too much time on their hands and decided to uplift their deposits daily.

      Thanks for the information. I myself am banking with Maybank currently. Hopefully others will benefit from this.

  4. Hi Divvy,

    I found a lot of good read on your blog. Thanks for sharing all the very useful information!
    Sad news regarding the GIA-i indeed.
    Was just thinking about the gap between the reduced Indicative Profit Rate on June 16th and and implementation of profit waiver on August 1st.
    So in theory if I make a GIA-i placement on June 16th for 60 months and uplift before end of July, then should still get 3.55% rate I suppose. Not that it’s significant, just thinking out loud… 🙂

    1. Hey Peter,

      Thanks for writing in and for your kind words!

      If I recall, making a placement on 16 June onwards, you’ll get the new profit rate of 3% and so on. No more 3.55%. =(
      They calculate it on a daily basis.

      Hope this helped!

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