Vasco’s @ Hilton Kuala Lumpur [Review]

Vasco’s at Hilton KL

Went for the buffet lunch at Vasco’s located at Hilton Kuala Lumpur to celebrate an overdue Valentine’s day (sort of). I still think the whole V-day is a big conspiracy ginned up by the jewelry, card and flower industry. The amount of money people are willing to spend on that particular day still astounds me.

Before you start pegging me for a hypocrite:

1. I try to always celebrate Valentine’s day after February the 14th; and

2. We are part Hilton Premium Club and got this buffet for FREE!

We of course like the civilized people we were, called ahead and made reservations. I’ve been here a few times and the menu last Saturday was quite a let down compared to my previous visits.

Vasco's @ Hilton KL
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  Vasco's @ Hilton KL

 Vasco's @ Hilton KL

I started off with some kimchi and seafood. The kimchi was horrible like what I could get at Jusco or Giant. Vasco’s used to serve fresh oysters and crabs as well as salmon sashimi, it has since been reduced to prawns, mussels and butterfish sashimi. A real let down.

  Vasco's @ Hilton KL Vasco's @ Hilton KL

Next up was their salad and some cold cuts. Nothing special. Had those to add some greens to my meal.

Vasco's at Hilton KL
Hello! Roasted chicken served by a friendly chef

Vasco's @ Hilton KL

Vasco's @ Hilton KL

Vasco's @ Hilton KL
Cheese Platter

Vasco's @ Hilton KL  Vasco's @ Hilton KL


I’ll let the pictures do the talking.

Overall, the buffet was a total disappointment. One of the best dish they used to serve was this awesome steamed seabass, which they’ve decided to take off the menu. Their briyani and curry used to be delicious as well, it has since been replaced by something you could get at a your local Pelita restaurant.

All that being said, I did enjoy their pasta which was cooked for you on the spot as well as their pistachio flavored gelato. The chefs stationed there were all really friendly and polite as well. Enjoyed myself asking and learning about the food.


You’d be paying RM158 per head for the lunch buffet on weekends. I got to know that they hired a new executive chef who changed the entire menu. Seems like a huge cost cutting exercise if you ask me.

So, my thoughts? I’d rather fork out an extra RM40 and gorge myself on some free flow wagyu beef at Hanare @ The Intermark. However, I did get to eat for free here so I’d better stop with the complains.

Have you guys been to Vasco’s recently? Were you let down in a similar fashion?

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Hi Divvy, I stumbled across your website a couple of months ago while researching for top Japanese restaurant in KL (which led to your post of Hanare) and have been a UT investor for half a year now. Recently I’ve made the bold move of crossing the to the stock market zone and bought several REITs. I read that you used to (or still) have the habit of checking one new stock a day. My question is, what are your routines and what source do you use when you are researching a particular stock? Also, which book is great to read to get the basics of reading a public listed company’s P&L and balance sheet etc.?


    1. Hey,

      Thanks for writing in. Love the name. =D
      Didn’t realize a post about food would bring in readers keen on investing. Real glad to hear you’ve made the transition to stocks.

      I no longer do one new stock a day. Most of my time spent now would be to update the current list of stocks I am interested in. Occasionally, I’d find some hidden gems but they’re needles in a haystack.

      I’d suggest reading The Intelligent Investor to get a grasp on fundamental analysis. I then moved on to YouTube videos for more in-depth learning about financial statements and reports.

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