Bitcoin and Genesis Mining ROI in Malaysia – September & October Update

Cloud Mining on Genesis

Cloud Mining Malaysia

Genesis is back and its daily payouts are as scheduled. They have however raised their minimum payout threshold to the following:

  • Bitcoin 0.0025 BTC (was 0.0020)
  • Litecoin 0.002 LTC (was 0.001)
  • Zcash 0.001 ZEC (was 0.00005)

I’ve also increased my mining powaaa in November.

Genesis Mining Allocation Dec'17
Genesis Mining Allocation Dec’17

I’ve doubled my Bitcoin, Zcash and Monero mining rates. Also increased Ether’s. The next objective is to increase Ethereum’s mining power as I see great potential in the currency.


Return on Investment (ROI), This is Getting Big

Dividend Magic's Cryptocurrency Portfolio 2017
Dividend Magic’s Cryptocurrency Portfolio 2017

I have to admit that I’ve kinda lost track of my Bitcoin returns. I mine it personally on my PC as well as on Genesis. But here is my total returns for 2017.

My cryptocurrency portfolio jumped from USD171.34 in October to USD628.59 today, in a short span of 2 months. Of course, this is mainly due to the recent hype in all things crypto.

Mining of crytocurrencies started out as a small personal project for me back in July this year. I started out with USD93.20 back then on Dash contracts. I’ve not put in additional money, all of my proceeds from mining has been reinvested into more mining contracts.

I should get back my initial investment of USD93.20 from Dash contracts alone next year.

NiceHash Miner Hacked

I’m sure most here are privy to the recent hacking of NiceHash. I myself have lost a chunk of unclaimed Bitcoins from mining with them. It is frustrating but I fear I will never see those coins ever again.



My cryptocurrency portfolio currently stands at USD628.59, fluctuating every other minute as we see the currencies swing up and down.

To those that are invested, I’d recommend ignoring the swings and focusing on real, credible news. Think logically and remember, investing is always for the long term.

To those that are interested in getting in on the action, I’d suggest:

  1. Cloud Mining – I go with Genesis
  2. Purchasing and holding onto your currencies. I use Luno (My promo code: HFCCY)
  3. If you’ve got a good PC lying around, try mining it yourself using NiceHash!

If you’re planning to purchase mining contracts with Genesis, please go ahead and key in the following code: KT7r1S which gives you a 3% discount on your purchase.

A big thank you to everyone that has been using my referral code. I’ve received many many additional hash power thanks to you.

Onwards and upwards! May the currencies swing in your favor

14 Replies to “Bitcoin and Genesis Mining ROI in Malaysia – September & October Update”

  1. Good sharing, but do you think cryptocurrencies has good future prospect? It has been sell off recently as news were saying cytocurrencies are bubbles. As a share trader myself, I focus on the prospect, I don’t understand how cytocurrency price would rise. Share price of a company would rise based on company performance, earnings, dividends, but what cyptocurrencies based on? Does it has fundamental?

    1. Hey Jun Yi,

      For me, cryptocurrencies’ value would depend on the governments and big companies that adopts them. It’s too much speculation at the moment which is why I’m happy with just mining them and hoarding the currencies with high potential.

  2. Hi Leigh, I love your articles and I just wanted to start this cloud mining, but all Genesis contracts were sold out. What should I do? Keep waiting?

    1. Hey Tim,

      Thanks for writing in. You can try other sites (I’ve only ever used Genesis though).
      Maybe you can try other currencies. You can switch their mining power to others ie. Bitcoin etc. Make sure first though.

  3. Hi Divvy, sorry for posting comments not related to crypto, but what do you think of crowdfunding as one of the possible investment tools?
    So far I see these term financings offered by sites like Funding Societies are promising attractive effective interest rate (up to 22% p.a. !)


    Industry : Services (labour/ skill/ professional)
    Funding amount : RM750,000
    Tenor : 15 months
    Simple interest rate p.a. : 12.5%
    Effective interest rate p.a. : 22.47%
    Minimum investment amount : RM 100
    Date / Time Crowdfunding : 03/01/2018 10 am
    Service fee : 2%

    I am intrigued by the yields as their repayment will be on monthly basis (which makes it somewhat compounding if you use the monthly repayment to finance another ongoing crowdfunding

    Hope to hear from you soon.

    Ming Jie

  4. 1. I could only see monero contracts are for sale at moment with all the other contracts being sold out. And that is willing at usd830.

    2. I believe luno is having issues with bnm at the moment with all the withdrawal/deposit. R u still recommending it?

          1. Hi Divvy, would recommend you to move your coins out of Luno wallet, you can consider Remitano or Coinhako to sell your ETH/BTC coins in MYR

   also a good place to trade BTC with MYR

            Hope this helps 🙂

          2. Hey MJ,

            Thank you! I actually have all my coins in Exodus currently. I have deposited some money in LUNO though. =((
            I’ll have a look at Remitano and Coinhako. Are the fees reasonable?

          3. Hi Divvy, Coinhako is pretty good to buy coins but the selling rate is not so attractive.

            Remitano works like a C2C platform where u can advertise (like how we place order in stock market) how many coins you wanna buy/sell at a specific rate. Localbitcoins work like this too.

            Do check it out. I would recommend Remitano when you wanna Sell your coins because you can control your ask/bid price.

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