Incorporation of a Sdn Bhd

I incorporated a Company back in 6 March 2014.

I would like to share my experience and the whole process as it can be tedious and also confusing with the various laws and statutes to comply with, not to mention the forms. This is a 2 dollar company with 2 shareholders. The Company will have its own business and I intend to invest the profits in the stock market.
As mentioned, with the help of a Company Secretary (“Cosec”), S.I. Sdn Bhd was incorporated in March. Fees incurred was around RM1,500.00. Most Cosecs will offer audit and taxation services which I will discuss later.
The documents were prepared by the Cosec with me having to provide a copy of my I.C. and eventually signing all the documents.
It is important to engage a responsible Cosec. I looked around and also asked most of my mentors and friends for recommendations. This would be the best way because a recommended Cosec will put in more effort and treat you better as they were recommended by an existing client.

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