My New Watch – Seiko 5

Seiko 5 – SNKE03K1

I will be detracting from my usual posts on stocks today to talk about my new watch – the Seiko 5. It cost me RM799 for this piece, the dividends from March 2016 more than paid for this watch.

It may not be in the same league as some of the higher end watches, but I wanted to learn about automatic watches and opted for the ever durable Seiko. If you don’t know what an automatic watch is, I’d suggest a quick google search to know more, but basically it winds itself with the movement of your hand, ie. no batteries.

I’ve always loved watches, always wearing the ones my dad owns but I’ve finally decided to purchase my very own piece.

Unboxing the Seiko 5

I bought mine online and it came packed in layers of bubble wrap. The Seiko 5 range boasts hundreds of different watches, most of them a little too sporty for my liking, the SNKE03K1 however looks beautiful and is classy as hell. This post might be a little image heavy but I’d like to show you how beautiful my Seiko 5 really is.

Seiko 5
Layers of Protection
Seiko 5 - SNKE03K1
Peeling away the layers
Seiko 5 - Automatic
Automatic movement

Seiko 5 - SNKE03K1

Seiko 5 - SNKE03K1
Up Close


Seiko 5 - SNKE03K1
On me

Men should wear watches

Alright enough pictures. So why the sudden fascination with watches you say?

Once upon a time, a watch was a necessity, something both men and women put on their wrists every morning and took off only at night before bed.  As cell phones and later smartphones started becoming more common, the watch suddenly seemed old-fashioned.

To me however, without my watch, I’d all but feel naked. Now I’m not against smartphones, I still love my Samsung Galaxy, I love the way smartphones have changed my life. But, still, a watch will forever hold a place among my daily outfit. I like how I have several watches for different occasions, I actually make sure my time piece matches my outfit on important events.

The Seiko 5 however, will be my default every day watch – my daily beater.

I know this post has nothing much related to stocks and investments. But the watch is a gift to myself and I’d like to think that I’m not just a miser who saves and saves. I too sometimes indulge. 

Cheers and thanks for reading!

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  1. Love your choice of the Seiko 5! Hoping you’ll get to a Grand Seiko soon one day. And kudos on your financial freedom fund. Super impressive at 26 years old!

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