Meet Up

Having been watching and hearing a lot about StashAway for the past few months, I finally met up with Wai Ken and Albert Kok from the StashAway team.

I got to know more about the company itself and the team behind it. I was impressed by both the team and the technology behind StashAway. I’ll, therefore, be guiding you to opening a new account and investing in them with this article.

Economic Regime-based Asset Allocation (ERAA)

I’ve put off opening an account for a while now as I wasn’t too sure what kind of ‘sophisticated investment strategies’ the company was going to apply to my hard earned money.

They call it the ERAA. In short:
1. You determine your risk levels
2. StashAway picks the securities to invest in for you
3. ERAA will re-adjust the asset allocation to maintain your previously determined risk level

What I Like About StashAway

  1. As a retail investor, you get access to a multitude of investments from the US, Japan etc.
  2. You also pay fees only available to the big boys.
  3. Auto readjustment of your portfolio. You can leave your portfolio as it is for years and let StashAway handle it.
  4. Annual fees start at 0.8% and it goes down as you invest more


I found that I was unable to pick and choose personally the assets which I want to invest in. The only choice I had as an investor was to reset my risk profile and look at the breakdown of assets to be invested in.

Why? This is in StashAway’s FAQ –
Based on your risk preferences, selected goal, and current economic regime, our algorithm carefully picks the ETFs most suitable for your goal. This allows us to provide the most optimal diversification personalised to you. As such, it is not possible for a customer to handpick the ETFs or the allocation.

Getting Started

First things first, sign up at this link hERE.
Dividend Magic has partnered with StashAway to get you 50% off your fees for the first RM100,000 invested for 6 months.

Now, I didn’t have too much trouble with the account sign up. It took me about 5 minutes but I’ll guide you through it as best I can. With pics.

Step 1 – Getting Started
Step 2 – Your Email and Password
Step 3 – Your Goals and Portfolio
My Parameters
Projections for my Portfolio – I wish.
Step 4 – Eligibility
Step 5 – More Assessments
Final Step – Set up your risk profile!

My Investment

I’ll personally be depositing about RM3K to RM10K as a start.

This will be a long term passive investment for me and I’ve decided to put my money into a balanced portfolio, with a StashAway risk index of 14%.

The portfolio mix will consist of 54.5% growth assets and 45.5% protective assets.

Have any of you started investing in StashAway? How is your porfolio doing? And for those who are planning to start out, please do share the portfolio mix you’ve decided on and why.