Dividend Income – May 2019

Dividend Income

Took a pretty long break during the Raya holidays, hence the kinda late post. I received a total of RM1,332.16 for the month of May.

Only two companies contributed to my dividend income last month – Malayan Banking Berhad and Nestle Malaysia Berhad.

Compared to the same month last year, I only collected RM667.52. That’s a 69.51% increase in dividends. Total dividends stand at RM7,142.72. Dividend is at a healthy 2.04% so far.

Malayan Banking Berhad

May 2019 Dividends – RM1,052.16
May 2018 Dividends – RM1,040.64
Total 2019 Dividends –  RM1,052.16
Total 2018 Dividends –  RM1,853.64
Dividend Yield (so far) – 3.92%

Received a total of RM1,052.16 as dividends. Some in the form of shares via Maybank’s dividend reinvestment plan. Full details of the DRIP are hERE.

Nestle Malaysia Berhad

May 2019 Dividends – RM280
May 2018 Dividends – RM270
Total 2019 Dividends –  RM280
Total 2018 Dividends –  RM550
Dividend Yield (so far) – 2.09%


We’ve broken the 2% dividend yield mark. Should hit 3% in a month or two. June is gonna rock!

As of the month of May, my total dividend income so far is 4% higher compared to 2018. In simpler terms, my dividends are increasing.

We are at a total dividend income of  RM7,142.72 . Giving the Freedom Fund a yield of 2.04% now.

Freedom Fund as at May 2019
Dividend Income (May) –  RM1,332.16
Dividend Income (2019) –  RM7,142.72
Dividend Yield – 2.04 % 

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  1. Just wondering. How much is your average yearly gain equivaleng after considering the dividens, the unrealised P/L and realised P/L. Do you mind sharing it?

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