Boost Malaysia now accepts AMEX

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This will be a quick post. I just realized that Boost now accepts Amex top ups.

So yea, what I plan to do now – reload and top up my Boost wallet on the weekends via Maybank’s Amex. I earn 5% cash back and 5x Treats Points, and then go about using Boost for my daily expenses.

I’ll need to verify that topping up my Boost wallet provides me with the 5% cashback and 5x Treats points first though.

Anyone here that can verify this?

Or if you’ve got a better way for me to earn them points and cashback, lemme know!

If you’ve not used Boost yet, get your account below. You’ll get RM5 cashback.

Link: hERE

Code: leeo0lg

I’ve been diligently saving up my Treats points earned via my Maybank American Express card for years now. Following Malaysia’s sifu on credit cards’ advice – GenXGenYGenZ

I’ve got around 470K Treats points right now, just about enough for a business class flight overseas. =D

473,441 bloody points

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  1. Watch out, Amex points is no longer last forever. It now expires in 3 years if I’m not mistaken. I’ve lost hundred thousands points without realising it. Me too wonder whether we can earn the 5% cashback by topping up boost wallet ..

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