Dividend Income – January 2019

Dividend Income

Welcome back to 2019 ladies and gents.

Markets have somewhat rebounded but sadly I didn’t make any purchases during the slump.

The first month of the year brought me a total of RM1,030 in dividend income. That’s a 23% drop in dividends compared to January in 2018.

CBIP failed to declare dividends in January as they did last year. The only company that paid me this month is good old Scientex Berhad. Their dividends increased by 12% from RM920 last year. 

Scientex Berhad


This Month’s Dividends – RM1,030

Total 2019 Dividends – RM1,030

Total 2018 Dividends – RM1,840

Dividend Yield – 2.32%

A big 12% increase in dividends compared to the same time last year.


Freedom Fund as at January 2019
Dividend Income (January): RM1,030
Dividend Income (2019): RM1,030
Dividend Yield: 0.28%

This has been a short one as only Scientex paid out dividends for January. As we head into February, I’d like to wish everyone a happy Chinese New Year.

I’ll be heading back to my kampung soon. So follow me on Instagram for more of my CNY celebration and shenanigans. =D

Gong Xi Fa Chai!

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  1. Hi, i want to thank you for having and maintaining this website. Its has truly been an eye opener for me. I am very interested in how you analyse and screen a stock. Maybe you could share with us in the next post on what are some pointers or key indicators to look for when analysing a stock. I understand its more art than an exact science but would love to know the thought process that goes into it.


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