Review of 2018


2018 – Goals Dicapai

“Moving forward, maintaining that 4.5% yield will be the goal.”  – myself

In 2017’s ending post, I set myself the goal of maintaining my 4.5% yield.

I’ve managed that and then some. 4.92% to be precise.

Total dividends went from RM16K in 2017 to RM18K in 2018. A 13.62% increase.

2019 Goals – Financial Independence

  • Dividend yield > 5%
  • Total dividends > RM20,000 p.a.

I’ll be looking to break the 5% mark in 2019 with more savvy purchases. Got my cash in hand to start buying soon with the current downturn in the market.

As part of my push towards F.I. (“Financial Independence“), I’ll be aiming to have my dividends reach RM20,000 in 2019.

My FI goal is to have RM36,000 in passive income per annum. I’m halfway there in 2018 with RM18,000 in dividends.

I can’t wait for my dividends to snowball in the next few years and achieve FI by the age of 35. That’s when it’ll get interesting as I will have extra income to delve into riskier investments ie. startups.

Investment in the KLSE


2018 has been a wild ride for stock investors. The last few months, especially.

In fact, due to the recent slump in the market, my portfolio is in the red for 2018.  To the sum of about RM20,000.

I’m of course talking about capital losses. ie. unrealized losses

This would be a good time to remind everyone of the significance of long-term investing and holding power.

When you invest, make sure you have the ability to hold a stock for at least 10 years. Even better, have cash on hand to take advantage of the drop in prices during recessions.

Always stay invested.

My Portfolio

Freedom Fund – RM443,435.79
IRR – 8.60%
Dividends – RM18,072.25
Dividend Yield – 4.92%

If you haven’t already, I’d like to invite you to have a look at the Freedom Fund. Take notice of the increase in yields over the years.

Overall, the Freedom  Fund is still making money, to the tune of 8.60% per year. This includes both capital gains as well as dividends.

8.60% still isn’t good enough. My main focus right now is to catch up and reach the 10% mark.


Dividend Magic – the site


Dividend Magic started out as a place of accountability for me personally. To keep me and my investing honest and truthful.

To have a public space on the interwebs to show Malaysians that investing isn’t difficult. To demonstrate that if you’re disciplined in your investing, you’ll have a steady source of passive income that will see you through the rest of your life.

I’m happy to have built a nice community here where everyone is able to chat and discuss in a non-toxic environment. Grateful to have met many awesome people in 2018 and looking forward to 2019.

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Dividend Magic - We can do it!
Rosie the Riveter

As we head into 2019, I hope most of you who’re reading have started investing. Be it in stocks or other assets.

Post your portfolio value, dividends and dividend yield here and I’ll hold you accountable. We will revisit it again together at the end of 2019 and see how everyone is doing.

I’ll keep it simple and title all year-end posts – A Review of 201… 

Thank you for reading as always. To 2019!

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