Cryptocurrency Portfolio Update – December 2018

My Cryptocurrencies (A Short Update)

The last update was December 2017. A year ago. Cryptocurrencies aren’t at all popular right now. One bitcoin is worth USD3.2K as of today, one-fifth of its high last year.

I call it a portfolio but in actual fact, I only have 3 different cryptos ie. Bitcoin, Ethereum and Dash. The total value of which comes up to USD288.00.

Same time last year, my portfolio was at USD628.59. Right now, I’ve got more currencies, but the total value has dropped by 55% in a year.  Go figure.

Of these, Bitcoin makes up 77%, Ethereum at 22% and Dash at 2%.

Genesis Mining

With the fall of Bitcoin’s prices, I’ve had a few mining contracts lapse as they were no longer profitable.

Return on Investment (ROI)

In total, I’ve put in only USD93.20 as my initial gross investment. My ROI is still intact, at USD288, ROI is still at 209%.

I’ll continue to mine cryptos with the contracts I still have with Genesis but will not add any more until prices stabilize. Still toying with the idea of purchasing some currencies – mainly Bitcoin and Ethereum at the prices now.


It has been a roller-coaster ride in the crypto community.

With the markets heading for a volatile few months, I foresee spooked investors flocking to traditional safe havens such as gold and non-traditional ones like Bitcoin as they seek shelter from stock volatility.

As always, due diligence and caution. 


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