Dividend Income – November 2018

Officially 1 more month till the end of 2018.

What with the news of the bonus RM0.40 dividend per share announced by AirAsia last night, I am in an upbeat mood as I write this today.

The dividend income for November 2018 came up to RM1,806.62, compared to RM1,438.87 the same month last year. A 25.56% jump in dividends!

And of course, an equal 25% jump in satisfaction on my part.

Contributing partners to the dividend income: Malayan Banking Berhad (better known as Maybank), Aeon Credit Service Berhad and IGB REIT.


This Month’s Dividends – RM813

Total 2018 Dividends – RM1,853.64

Total 2017 Dividends – RM1,761.72

Dividend Yield – 6.99%

A 7% dividend yield from Malaysia’s largest bank is no easy feat. This amount materializes firstly from my low buy-in price and also from the bank’s financial performance.

The dividend yield has also increased, with the additional shares from Maybank’s dividend reinvestment plan taken into account.

If and when the share price dips to low levels again, I’d suggest investing here. Instead of the constant, tedious chase for 4% promo rates.


Aeon Credit

This Month’s Dividends – RM378.25

Total 2018 Dividends – RM718.25

Total 2017 Dividends – RM359.21 (comparison with RM378.25 as I bought end of 2017)

Dividend Yield – 3.18%

Give Aeon some time, the growth of their loan portfolio is strong for 2018 and I only see them moving forwards. That said, 3.18% ain’t too shabby.



This Month’s Dividends – RM615.37

Total 2018 Dividends – RM2,865.43

Dividend Yield – 7.09%

My all-time favorite REIT right now. (Sunreit is a close second)

I’ve always believed that IGB REIT is a no-brainer and investors new to dividend investing should drop some dough into this counter.

Bought at the right price, you’ll get a nice starting yield of maybe 5%? Hold it for a few more and a 7-8% yield is right around the corner.

A tip: Mall REITs like IGB REIT derive their income mainly from 2 sources – Rentals and parking. IGB has a huge waiting list of tenants and their parking bays are always full.


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Happy with the performance and yield from all 3 companies.

To summarize,

Freedom Fund as at November 2018
Dividend Income (November): RM1,806.62
Dividend Income (2018): RM16,960.60
Dividend Yield: 4.62%

We’ve surpassed and shattered last year’s record 4.28% dividend yield. Officially. My yield is on a 4-year increasing streak. 5% this year? With the AirAsia bonus dividend, definitely.

Check the Freedom Fund out!

Onwards and upwards! Save and always stay invested.

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