BigPay Review – AirAsia’s e-wallet

AirAsia Tony Fernandes

Tony Fernandes was quoted, saying ‘One day, Big Pay will be worth more than AirAsia‘.

I am excited about BigPay and I’m writing this post just as I received my card. Today.


Why BigPay?


AirAsia BIG Points

Big Pay is by AirAsia, Malaysia’s favourite airline. You and I both know you’ll probably be on an AirAsia flight this year.

You’ll be receiving exclusive AirAsia benefits when you use your BigPay card with AirAsia such as:

1. RM0.00 payment processing fees

2. Discounts on pre-booked check-in luggage and in-flight meals

3. Exclusive early access to AirAsia sales

4. 1 BIG point when you top up RM50 and 1 BIG point for every RM20 spent on BigPay

In my opinion, the RM0 payment processing fee is reason enough to get BigPay.


The End of Long Queues for Foreign Currencies

For the serious travellers and not-so-serious ones out there, BigPay is god-sent. Why? Exchange rates.

BigPay touts itself as giving the ‘best’ rates out there, but to be frank, I’d call it competitive.

Queue at Mid Valley Foreign Exchange House
The queue at Mid Valley

Forget the long queues at your favourite foreign exchange outlets. Using BigPay, you’ll receive really competitive rates with no extra fees!

The rates Big Pay uses can be found at Mastercard’s website.



All it takes is for you to top up your BigPay online, in Malaysia.

Travel abroad to your destination of choice, insert your card into any ATM in that country and voila – Watch the ATM spit out your cirsp foreign currency.

Withdrawals done in Malaysia will be subjected to a fee of RM6 per transaction & overseas withdrawals will be charged at RM10 per transaction.

Besides that, BigPay also allows you to send/receive money to and from friends. Instantly. No fees!



BigPay also breaks down your expenditure on the app itself. Nifty for people wanting to keep track of their spending.

How to Sign Up for your BigPay Card

Detailed below is how to sign up for your BigPay Card.

Before we continue, remember this referral code: SPUXOYWAI5

You get a free RM10 (as do I) from signing up with the above code.


1. How do I get the BigPay app?

You can download BigPay for free directly from the App Store or Google Play Store to get started.

2. How do I sign up for BigPay?

All it takes are 3 easy steps to sign up for BigPay:

i. Fill in your basic personal details

ii. Verify your identity with your IC/passport and a selfie

iii. Add RM20 into your account

3. How much does it cost to sign up for BigPay?

Signing up and getting your card is completely free! You will need to add a minimum of RM20 that will be stored on your card for your usage. We don’t charge any inactivity fee either, so signing up & keeping your BigPay account does not cost you anything.

Using this referral code: SPUXOYWAI5

You get a free RM10 (as do I) from signing up with the above code.


I foresee myself using BigPay long into the future.

Especially every time I travel.

So. Sign up. Get the free RM10 and whip that card/app out whenever you go abroad.

Also, the card is a beaut.


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  1. Quick question, wouldn’t buying the ticket with a credit card that provides travel insurance be better compared to big pay which doesn’t or nullifies this?

  2. hi Divvy, just any ATM around the world can get the particular foreign currency? I cannot find the listed countries that can support bigpay

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