Dividend Income – April 2018

Dividend Income

April 2018 – RM483.02
April 2017 – RM277.20

A 74.25% increase y-o-y. The increase comes mainly from the addition of Tenaga Nasional Berhad in July last year.

And yes, congratulations to Pakatan Harapan on the GE14 win.


Tenaga Nasional Berhad

Dividend Income April 2018
Tenaga Nasional Berhad April 2018 Dividends

This Month’s Dividends – RM214.10

Total 2018 Dividends – RM214.10

Dividend Yield – 1.52%


TNB has been performing really well since I’ve added it to the Freedom Fund last year. The risks moving forward will be the review of government contracts TNB has signed while under BN’s rule.

Sunway Berhad

This Month’s Dividends – RM254.52

Total 2018 Dividends – RM254.52

Dividend Yield – 2.23%


Sunway Construction Berhad

Dividend Income April 2018
Sunway Construction April 2018 Dividend Income

This Month’s Dividends – RM14.40

Total 2018 Dividends – RM14.40

Dividend Yield – 2.50%


Recent Buys

I’ve made a purchase 3,000 units of AirAsia shares at RM3.52 each. My average price is RM3.1189 currently.



I apologize for the late dividend income update this time around. May’s post will be up soon.

April and May has traditionally been slow months for the Freedom Fund.

To summarize,

Freedom Fund as at April 2018
Dividend Income (April): RM483.02
Dividend Income (2018): RM5,722.06
Dividend Yield: 1.60%


Still waiting on AirAsia’s AGM notice. Anyone know anything about it? Will be interesting to see Tony after his recent debacle.

As always, thank you for reading!

8 Replies to “Dividend Income – April 2018”

  1. HI Leigh,

    I see from your portfolio that you never invested in Number Forecasting Company despite its high dividend yield. May I ask any particular reasons you avoided them?

  2. Hi, I am very impressed that u able to achieve a very high passive dividend income in just few years. I just curious to know if a company offer dividend yield of 2 to 3% is it better to put in bank if bank able to offer higher dividend? Thanks

    1. Hi Regine,

      No way. Because your FD will always remain 3%-3.5%.
      dividends maybe 2% this year, next year it might increase to 2.5% and the next 3.8%
      make sure u invest in good companies

  3. Hi I was know u age 29 got 400K+ capital is share market . May I know u start investment from how old and starting capital ? Are you high salary worker ? Thanks you very much . I just hope can follow your way to gain more and learn more .

  4. Hi Divy,

    I am new to this share buying thingy, I am curious to know on the statements you receive from Bursa for your dividends, Do they send you this statements monthly or when there has been a dividend payout? Its a normal mail or post laju? Do I have to subscribe this in the bursa site?Thanks for you reply.

    1. Hi Cynthia,

      Dividends will be sent directly by the company you receive them from. Like the pics in my post. No need to subscribe, just make sure the address is correct when you open a brokerage account.
      Hope this helped!

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