Dividend Income – May 2017

Dividend Income

April’s dividends were only RM277.20. Low but there was an increase so no complaints there. In May last month, my dividend income totaled RM393.79. All of which were from Axis REIT.

Compared to May last year, I had nothing in dividend income. Axis’ dividends actually came in on 31 May and I decided to capture the figures in May hereafter.


Last year, Axis REIT gave me a first interim dividend income of RM263.37. Last month, I received RM393.79. That’s a 49.5% increase in dividend income for me. Please note that I increased my holdings to 20,236 units earlier in February.

Axis’ dividend per unit (DPU) increased from 2.00 to 2.04 sen. They’ve been on a buying spree which is expected to end sometime this year. They’ve recently proposed a private placement at an issue price of RM1.58 to pare down their borrowings. This should see them being able to make further acquisitions should the opportunity arise.

Not too thrilled about the RM1.58 issue price but that’s the nature of private placements here.

Axis REIT dividend income 2017
Axis REIT’s 2017 Dividends – Check out my Voucher No.


Total dividends for the year stands at RM8,138.90. My Freedom Fund has a dividend yield of 2.52%.

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