Dividend Income – December 2016

Dividend Income

2016 Dividend Income

First off, the Freedom Fund has been updated as of 31 December 2016. The full list of dividend yields from my share holdings can be viewed there.

Last month, I hit RM10K in dividend income for the year. For the last month of the year, I added another RM1,037.75, bringing the grand total for the year to RM11,429.55. The total has been adjusted slightly due to a slight miscalculation on my part. Would have liked the total to hit RM12K but it fell short. Having RM12K in dividends would’ve meant I was receiving RM1K exactly in passive income every month.

We shall start off with the dividends received in December and then move on to the year 2016 as a whole in my next post. So bear with me.

Nestle Malaysia

December Dividends – RM140.00

Total 2016 Dividends – RM540.00

Dividend Yield – 4.04%

Weight – 4.47% of the Freedom Fund

Nestle Malaysia Dividend

Scicom Bhd

December Dividends – RM168.00

Total 2016 Dividends – RM168.00

Dividend Yield – 0.96%

Weight – 5.16% of the Freedom Fund

Scicom Bhd Dividends

I’ve been looking at Scicom for about a year and I purchased the company’s shares back in October 2016 at RM2.08 per share.  Their dividend yield of 0.96% doesn’t reflect the full year’s as I bought the shares only in October.

Bonia Corp

December Dividends – RM421.25

Total 2016 Dividends – RM421.25

Dividend Yield – 1.56%

Weight – 5.55% of the Freedom Fund

TAANN Holdings

December Dividends – RM130.00

Total 2016 Dividends – RM130.00

Dividend Yield – 1.40%

Weight – 2.88% of the Freedom Fund

TA ANN Dividends

As with Scicom, the dividend yield for Ta Ann only takes into account the dividends received this month.


Total dividends received for the year 2016 is RM11,429.55. That’s the final number, the dividend yield – 3.84%.

Some may consider this low but don’t forget I have yet to factor in my capital gains. So come back in a few days for a grand summary of the year 2016.

Thanks for reading! 


7 Replies to “Dividend Income – December 2016”

  1. Hello there..I was just wondering, do you re-invest all your dividend gains back into the stock from which you get the dividends from? Or do you selectively re-invest back the dividends?

    1. Hey Zi,

      I reinvest selectively.
      I try to reinvest into the same stocks but sometimes they are overpriced. When that’s the case, I’ll either hold on to the cash first or reinvest into more suitable companies.

      Hope this helped!

  2. Awesome results! Would like to know how old are you and how long have you started the investment to achieve the current result.

      1. I’m going to be 30 this year. Started about 4 years back. My passive income currently about RM2K/month. Nice to meet you here. Can I have any email? May be we can discuss further on it.

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