Dividend Income – November 2016

Dividend Income


Remember remember, the 5th of November! The 11th month of the year is usually a quiet occasion for me as a dividend income investor. However, there is cause for celebration this November because its official – I’ve finally hit RM10K in dividend income for 2016.

RM10,531.80 to be exact.

I received a total of RM547.48 from both Axis REIT and Sunway REIT the past month.


November Dividends – RM263.65

Total 2016 Dividends – RM1,049.06

Dividend Yield – 4.31%

Weight – 6.78% of the Freedom Fund

Dividend - Axis REIT

Axis REIT netted me RM263.65 in November, bringing the grand total for the year to RM1,049.06.

The dividend yield for Axis REIT for 2016 was a pretty disappointing 4.31% for me. Axis hasn’t been doing too well especially last year as they had to refurbish some of their old properties. Hopefully, the long term benefits start rolling in now.

Sunway REIT

November Dividends – RM283.83

Total 2016 Dividends – RM1,172.02

Dividend Yield – 5.91%

Weight – 6.72% of the Freedom Fund

Dividend - Sunway REIT

The next contributor to my November dividends is Sunway REIT, bringing in RM 283.83. The total annual dividends came up to RM1,172.02. SunREIT’s dividend yield is at a much more commendable rate compared to Axis’ at 5.91% for me this year.

The REIT has been acquiring strategic properties the past years and will definitely continue to perform.

My average purchase price of SunREIT is at RM1.46 with my purchases over the years. I’ve been looking at ‘investors’ discussing the share price recently as it increased about how they are making 1-2% gains buying and selling (speculating). What they don’t mention is the time’s they’ve lost with this method. It really cheeses me off when people brag about the good times they’re having but when the share price falls, you don’t hear a thing from them. I’m here to show that long term value investing will pay off in the long run, at RM1.72 now, I’m up by 18%!


Total dividends for the year currently stands at 3.45%. I consider this a little on the low side as our risk free rate is around 4% this year. We shall see what the last month of 2016 brings in and strategize accordingly.

RM10,531.80 everyone! I’m going to relax and let that sink in over the weekend.

Sekian terima kasih. Thanks for reading!


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