Dividend Income – July & August 2016

July & August Dividend Income

First of all, my apologies again for missing the dividend income update for the month of July. Now, on to more important matters.

I received a total of RM1,938.99 in dividend income for both July and August, as detailed below:


CBIP – RM420.00 (5.74% yield)

Dividend Income - CBIP July


Scientex – RM456.00 (8.53% yield)

PBBank – RM156.00 (1.41% yield)

IGB REIT – RM906.99 (5.58% yield)

Dividend Income - Scientex August

Dividend Income - Public Bank August

*Note that at the time of purchase, PBBank shares had already paid out their first trench of dividends.

Final Dividends

This will be the final dividend paid by all the companies mentioned above for 2016. I’m pretty satisfied with the yields from all 4 companies. Hope to see them continue to grow in the coming years and see my yields increase as the share price go up.

Also, I’m currently waiting on more opportunities to add Scientex and more REITs to my Freedom Fund.

Some Short Term Gain

In August, I’ve also been busy making some quick profit from the market. As most of you know, I’m mostly a long term investor and have generally stuck to my principles. However, I’ve been known to dabble in short term investing ie. trading when I’ve done my due diligence and research. I’ve made a RM900 or 13% gain in a short span of 6 days by trading in DESTINI.

I will not encourage average investors to pursue this highly risky branch of investing without first knowing everything about it and then some. So, with this trade, I’ve added an additional RM900 to my war chest which I hope to make use of in the near future.


Total dividends received currently stands at RM7,872.17 with a yield of 2.74%.

As an early comparison between 2016 and 2015’s dividend yields, I’ve already surpassed last year’s dividend yield of 2.7%. Looking forward to a bountiful final 4 months of 2016.

Finally, I hope everyone’s investments have been doing well and continue to. Thanks for reading, Cheers!

PS: I’ve been away from home for a bit and therefore haven’t had the chance to snap the dividend voucher from IGB REIT. Will be adding them when I get back.


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