Dividend Update: 2016 Half Year Report

Dividend Update: 2016 Half Year Report

June, marking the first half of the year 2016 has come and gone. The year 2016 has seen its ups and downs but overall, it has been good to me. With that, I present to you the dividend update of my Freedom Fund so far. I will be trying my best to update the page every quarter so bookmark that and drop by from time to time to follow my progress.

No.StockQuantityGross Investment (RM)Dividends (RM)Div. Yield
7IGB REIT2280029,986.561,673.075.58%
18SOLD STOCKS (Air Asia & AFG)350.50

If you would recall, I set myself a goal of RM8,500 in dividends this year. So far, at the half year mark, I’ve received a total of RM5,933.18 in dividends, this represents close to 70% of my target. Now that doesn’t necessarily means I’m certain to achieve my target this year because different companies pay dividends at different times of the year. However, based on historical data, I should be able to surpass my goal and then some.

I invested a total of RM274,340.82, my portfolio is now worth a little over RM321K. Dividends received as at June 2016 stands at RM5,933.18, giving me a yield of 2.16% so far.

Thank you 2016!

I leave you with this: Investing is a long term game and I hope I’ve shown most people out there that it can be a very rewarding venture. Most may say the 16-17% gains I’ve made over the course of 3 years isn’t much, which I will agree, but these gains are not inclusive of the dividends I’ve received over the years as well.

Thanks for reading!

PS: I’ve decided that I will have a consolidated 5-year statement posted here when the time comes which will include all dividends received. So wait for it!

Dividend Update
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    1. Hi Azizah,

      To answer your question, allow me to quote an example:

      The yield is calculated as follows: Annual Dividends per Share / Price per Share.

      For example, a company that paid out RM10 in annual dividends per share on a stock trading at RM100 per share has a dividend yield of 10%.

      Hope this answers your question.

      Thanks for reading!

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