Dividend Income – May & June 2016

May and June Dividend Income

If April was a slow month for dividends,  May is infinitely slower as I did not receive a single dividend. Hence my failure to procure a post for the month – more on that later.

June however, proved to be one of the most bountiful months so far with a total dividend of RM1,852.37.

Sunway REIT

The first company to hand out its dividends in June was Sunway REIT with RM297. This effectively brings SunREIT’s total dividend for the year to RM617.69, its yield currently stands at 3.11%.

I recently paid a visit to the newly refurbished Sunway Putra Mall in Kuala Lumpur and was happy with the new vibrant and colorful look. The mall is surrounded and jam packed with high rise apartment towers all around it, giving it a sort of permanent consumer base already. I look forward to the REIT performing superbly in the future, with shrewd and shareholder oriented decisions by the management.

Nestle Berhad

Nestle Malaysia paid out RM260 in dividends this time around, its first for the year 2016, bringing its yield to 1.94% for the year. The recent rise in consumer product stocks has seen Nestle become a really strong performer in my portfolio.

I’ve held this stock for 2 years now and it has been rising steadily even managing to maneuver itself past certain crippling events such as the implementation of GST. The goody bags given out by the company every year to shareholders is something I look forward to every year. Nestle will be the blue chip dividend producing defense I will continue to rely on in the coming years.

*Note: The dividend vouchers from both SunREIT and Nestle did not arrive by mail unfortunately and I fear it may be lost in transition.


Dividend - Maybank

Maybank paid me RM450 in dividends, bringing the yield to 3.61%. I missed out on the company’s earlier dividends this year which would’ve brought my yield for the year to 5-6% easily.

Dear readers, this is a great example of why one should be investing in shares of solid companies. I know most of you are placing your funds into fixed deposits which gives you a yield of what? 3%? 3.5%? Maybe topping out at 4.5% for those promo rates (which you don’t get every year and comes with tonnes of T&C). Instead, if you had invested in  company like Maybank when its shares dropped to a low, you’d get a cool 5-6% per annum.

Alright alright, I can already hear some of you muttering ‘but not all of us know when the shares are at a low’. Fine, let’s say you invest when the share prices are high, the yield would still be in the 3% region. And guess what? You get the potential that the stock will increase in price, giving you more gains.

I bought into Maybank earlier this year when the stock declined to RM8.3, it seemed a good decision for the next few months as I saw the stock climb past RM9. The company’s stock then fell to a low of RM8.1 of which I was really tempted to add more to portfolio, I am currently waiting for a bit before deciding. The current dividend yield (if maintained by the management) is very attractive.

Cypark Resources Berhad

Dividend - Cypark

Cypark handed me RM410 in dividends so far this year, giving me a yield of 2.32%. The company’s core business is a unique one and I liked its venture into the solar business last year. Will continue to hold onto this stock for the foreseeable future.


Dividend - Axis REIT

I received RM263.37 from Axis REIT for June bringing the total dividends received this year from Axis to RM521.76 with a current yield of 2.15%. Nothing new with the company so far except its ongoing refurbishment of assets.

AirAsia Berhad

Dividend - AirAsia Berhad

Air Asia, one of the most traded stock in Bursa for the past month has been making headlines for all the right reasons in June. I bought the stock at RM1.67 and its recent surge has made me a lot of money. The dividend paid out was a surprise as Air Asia was a company that retained most of its earnings for growth. The 2.41% yield came as a pleasant surprise for me.

Tune Protect

Dividend - Tune Protect Insurance

I received RM540 from Tune Protect this year, giving it a yield of 2.92%. The share has not been doing well an has been on a steady drop, not one of my best buys but I’m still holding on to the stock because of the huge potential it has in the travel insurance industry.


Total dividends for the year stands at RM5,933.18 giving me a 2.16% dividend yield so far. We are now halfway through the year and in my Review of 2015, I set myself a goal of RM8,500 in dividends this year. I hope to surpass that goal in the coming months.

I would like to apologize for the absence recently, as I’ve been busy with a new business venture which I will be posting about soon if all goes well. Thanks for reading!!

On an unrelated note, you may notice the new Celcom sim in my pictures. To answer your question – Yes I’ve made the jump to Celcom because of their awesome phone plans. I’ve also looked hard at Axiata as a company and may be purchasing the stock soon.

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