Dividend Income – April 2016

April Dividend Income

April has been a slow month for dividend income compared to the first quarter of the year. I only received a total dividend of RM230.40 from two companies: Sunway Berhad (RM216) and Sunway Construction Group Berhad (RM14.40). The vouchers have yet to arrive by mail, will be updating this post with pictures when I receive them soon.

The same time last year, Sunway Berhad paid out the same amount of dividends, this is somewhat of a disappointment but not totally unexpected as their earnings have not increased significantly. They’ve also listed their construction arm recently, further diluting earnings from the holding company. So I guess I should count my blessings that there hasn’t been a reduction in dividends. With my gross investment of RM11,264.04 in Sunway Berhad, RM216 in dividends translates to a 1.92% return so far.  There will be another round of dividends in October to be declared in October later this year which should bump the return past 3% per annum.

As for Sunway Construction Group Berhad (“SunCon”), if you’ve been following my posts you’d know that I received a special dividend from Sunway Berhad together with 360 shares of SunCon back in July 2015. The company just got its order book replenished with various jobs in the country recently and should be doing very well in the future. I will be considering topping up soon if an opportunity arises.

Total dividends for the year stands at RM3,540.81 giving me a 1.29% dividend yield so far. We are only in April and in my Review of 2015, I set myself a goal of RM8,500 in dividends this year. I seem to be on track and maybe I’ll even surpass it. On that note, thanks for reading!

A side note: RM15,300 was added to my warchest on 13 April 2016. This figure will be reflected in the Freedom Fund when I update it in June.

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