Dividend Income – January 2016

Dividend Income

The dividend income I received for the first month of 2016 came from two companies: Scientex Berhad and CBIP Berhad. I received a total of RM794 (RM494 and RM300 respectively). The total weight of both companies represent almost 22% of my entire portfolio.

Dividend Income from Scientex

(Note: CBIP’s dividend voucher has yet to arrive by mail.)

The dividends received translates to a yield of 2.22% from Scientex and 1.35% from CBIP based on the initial investment. This is only the first batch of dividends and both companies will pay dividends again in later in July. I expect both companies to do really well in the future as I see only an increase in demand of their products in the years (hopefully decades) to come.

Total yield of my investment portfolio currently stands at 0.32% for the year 2016.

A summary of my investments for the year 2015 can be found HERE for a rough comparison.

Do you have an investment portfolio of your own? If so, what is its current yield and what is your targeted yield for 2016?

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