FREE Google Drive Storage

2GB Free Google Drive Storage

I stumbled across this today and feel I should share and keep everyone informed of this: FREE Google Drive storage!

Free Google Drive Storage

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Google is giving away 2GB of their Drive space today. If you’re not using Google Drive, I suggest you give it a try, I’ve been a loyal and avid user since my university days. Its usage is similar to Dropbox.

In what has become an annual tradition, Google is again offering free Google Drive storage space to users who go through a brief account security checkup. I took less than 5 minutes to complete the check up. Once you’re done you’ll be rewarded with 2GB of PERMANENT Drive space.

Even without the free 2GB of Drive space, it is worthwhile to keep your account safe and secure. Google ran a similar promotion last year, but you’ll still get 2GB of space even if you claimed it last time.

Often times these type of promotions expire after a year, so it’s nice to see Google not place any limits on the bonus storage. The free offer coincides with Safer Internet Day 2016, which is meant to promote safe and secure usage of technology and smartphones. To claim your free 2GB of Google Drive space just visit Google’s account security checkup and step through the various checks.

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