Dividends April – May 2015

I received a single dividend distribution from Nestle Bhd of RM 350. Portfolio’s dividend yield currently stands at around 0.85%.

Nestle Dividend 2015

War chest balance: RM10K.

I bought more Homeritz and Bonia stocks throughout April and May, both at reasonable prices of RM1.05 and RM1.03.

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  1. I am checking out some REITs, but haven’t invested in any yet. I think the best time to enter was few months ago when most of the REITs were down. They have now rised up. Not sure how is GST and the overall economy going to affect the REITs performance for CY2015 and 2016. There is only a few good REITs with decent business models and distributions.

    1. Agreed, but the few good ones would seem a little overvalued at the moment.

      Sometimes, waiting for the ‘best time’ will leave you stranded further. That’s why you should do your own valuations and future estimations.

      Afterall, REITS give you good cash flow in terms of their dividends which you can then further reinvest, so waiting and waiting might not be the best strategy.

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