Dividend Income – July 2017

Dividend Income

After the high of June’s dividends, RM552 in dividends for the month of July was lower in comparison. Same time last year, I received RM420 in dividends. A pretty decent 31.4% increase y-o-y.

Average Dividend Increase (so far) – 37%

I’ve started tracking my dividends received closely and, although I may be jumping the gun here (as it isn’t even December yet).. BUT, as of now, my monthly dividends have been increasing every month! With the exception of March because good old CBIP Berhad paid a special dividend last year.

On average, my dividends have increased 37% in 2017. Goodbye inflation, goodbye Fixed Deposits. This is why I invest in shares and companies. My returns increase with time, while ‘investments’ like FDs will stay at the 3-4% levels for years, even decades.

Full disclosure, I did add RM2,500 and RM15,000 to my investments as additional capital in December 2016 and June 2017 respectively but that hardly impacted the 37% increase in dividends.

Also, I’m not implying FDs are useless, they have their uses but are essentially useless as investment instruments.

Moving on.

Scientex Berhad

Scientex Dividend Income July 2017
Scientex Berhad’s July 2017 Dividend

This Month’s Dividends – RM552

Total 2017 Dividends – RM1,312

Dividend Yield – 4.48%

Weight – 19.40% of the Freedom Fund

Recent Buys

Aeon Credit  1,000 units

Their dividends have been increasing every year for 5 years now. However, the price has dropped by 5% since my purchase.

Tenaga – 1,000 units

Good dividends, almost a monopoly on our country’s electricity. Moving into other countries.

Their close links to the Malaysian government are a double-edged sword.

IGB Corp – 4,000 units

Highly undervalued and overlooked because of the pending offer by Goldis Berhad.


Total dividends for the year stands at RM8,690.90. My Freedom Fund currently has a dividend yield of 2.69%.

Thank you for reading!

Dividend Income – January 2017

Dividend Income

My Freedom Fund is off to an amazing start for the year 2017. The first month of the year of the rooster netted me RM1,180 in dividends from Scientex and CBIP. Compared to the same month last year where I received RM794 in dividends. That’s a whooping 48% increase in dividends for me. I did not increase my stake in either companies, the increase was from sound business conducted by them.

Scientex Berhad

January 2017 Dividends – RM760

Total 2017 Dividends – RM760

Dividend Yield – 3.41%

Weight – 14.68% of the Freedom Fund

Scientex Dividend

As most of you regulars would know, Scientex has been one of the top performing company in my portfolio. I’m always on the lookout to add more of their shares but the price is never right. Maybe a big market crash is the only time I’ll ever get to buy more Scientex.

Back in January 2016, Scientex gave me RM494 in dividends. Fast forward a year to January 2017, they are now churning out RM760 in dividends for me. If you’ve not caught on by now, that’s a 53% increase. I’ve had Scientex in my portfolio since 2014 and the dividends have been increasing ever since. If you’re looking for a fundamentally sound business, keep an eye out for a buy opportunity here with Scientex.

RM760 in dividends translates to a 3.41%. Already at 3.41% and we have another round of dividends to look forward to later in August.

CBIP Berhad

January 2017 Dividends – RM420

Total 2017 Dividends – RM420

Dividend Yield – 1.88%

Weight – 7.84% of the Freedom Fund

As usual, the dividend voucher from CBIP has yet to arrive (same occurrence last year).

The company’s dividends back in January 2016 stood at RM300. The increase to RM420 this year represents a 40% growth. Apart from Scientex, CBIP has been performing wonderfully for me. I expect good things from the company and looking forward to another round of dividends later in July.


Total dividends for the month is RM1,180. Currently, dividend yield stands at 0.38%. It’s only the first month of the year but it’s looking good.

How was the first month of 2017 for most of you? I’d love to hear from you guys on how your investments did in January.