Dividend Income – August 2017

Dividend Income

The 8th month of 2017 fetched me a total of RM1,880.64 in dividends. A pretty good month I’d say.

That’s a 23.8% increase compared to the same month last year, which gave me RM1,518.99.

The total is made up of the following:


This Month’s Dividends – RM420

Total 2017 Dividends – RM840

Dividend Yield – 3.77%

Weight – 6.61% of the Freedom Fund


Public Bank Berhad

This Month’s Dividends – RM162

Total 2017 Dividends – RM354

Dividend Yield – 3.19%

Weight – 2.86% of the Freedom Fund



IGB REIT August 2017 Dividend
IGB REIT August 2017 Dividend

This Month’s Dividends – RM900.60

Total 2017 Dividends – RM1,785.70

Dividend Yield – 5.96%

Weight – 9.37% of the Freedom Fund



Axis REIT August 2017 Dividend
Axis REIT August 2017 Dividend

This Month’s Dividends – RM398.04

Total 2017 Dividends – RM1,063.03

Dividend Yield – 4.40%

Weight – 7.74% of the Freedom Fund


Recent Acquisitions

August has been a relatively uninteresting month for me without any buys / sells.

My recent acquisitions back in July are already looking strong though. TNB is already up by 3% for me.

Aeon Credit has rebounded to RM12.84 per share. Things are looking good.

The next buying opportunity should come election time.

Is everyone’s’ cash / warchest at the ready?



Total dividends for the year stands at RM10,574.54. My Freedom Fund currently has a dividend yield of 3.19%.

It’s a tall order but I’ll hopefully see my portfolio pass the 4% dividend yield mark this year.

The Freedom Fund itself is doing great, it’ll be updated come the end of September (Q3).

As of right now, capital gain wise, I’m up almost 30% and the fund has for the first time passed the RM100K profit mark!


Public Bank and Public Mutual

Public Bank Group

I added 600 units of Public Bank (“PB Bank”) shares back in March 2016 at RM18.50 a piece to my Freedom Fund. In my view, PB Bank although not the largest is one of the best-managed banks in Malaysia.

You often hear Malaysians lauding the exceptional customer service and complaining about the strict loan requirement imposed by the bank. As a shareholder and part owner (a very small part) of the bank, I smile every time I hear these.

Moving onto the facts and figures, the bank’s performance speaks for themselves as shown in the summary of the annual report I received this month.

Public Bank Annual Report 2016

Public Bank Annual Report 2016
PB Bank 5 Year Summary

Apologies for the somewhat blurry image. I’ve also uploaded the full Annual Report for everyone interested: Public Bank Annual Report 2016

The two key figures I always look at are Net Profit as well as Equity. And PB Bank’s numbers has been increasing every year.

As usual, I will not go into too many details on the company. If you’re investing in a business, read the whole report and understand everything.

I’d be more than glad to answer your specific questions regarding the annual report. However, questions like ‘What do you think I should invest in?’ or ‘Will Company A’s profit continue to increase?‘ should be answered by you alone.

Public Bank and Public Mutual

I’m sure most of you remember how I’m against Public Mutual? How they charge exorbitant fees?

The question to ask yourself is – Who owns Public Mutual? If you don’t already know, Public Mutual is wholly owned by the group and as a shareholder, I can’t be happier. If you do invest with Public Mutual, consider investing instead in PB Bank instead. Let the fees work in your favor instead of the other way around.

Another perk, every time a public mutual agent approaches you, you can tell him/her you already invest without having to lie. If they persist, you can go on a long educational talk and preach how investing in Public Bank is better than Public Mutual funds.

Public Bank AGM

Together with the annual report was the notice of annual general meeting (“AGM”).

The bank’s AGM will be held on 27 March 2017. I’ll be attending so those of you who are heading there let me know! Hope to meet those of you who are PB Bank’s shareholders there.

I’ll be sure to snap some pictures and keep the rest of you posted as well.

Public Bank AGM
Notice of AGM