Dividend Income – March 2016

Dividend Income Update

The month of March this year is a bountiful one with a total of RM880.69 in dividend income from two companies – Sunway REIT and CBIP Holding Berhad. The end of March also marks the beginning of the second quarter for 2016, and as I’ve promised to update my portfolio – The Freedom Fund every quarter, I have duly done so. However, dividend growth updates will only come next year as 2016 will be the year where I organize the dividends received into months and its subsequent quarters.

Now, on to them dividends.

Compared to the dividends received in February 2016 which totaled RM1,635.72, March’s bounty doesn’t really come close at RM880.69. Moreover, the dividends received from CBIP Berhad is a special dividend and I cannot expect it to continue every year.

Sunway REIT

Sunway REIT Dividend Income

RM320.69 was paid out in dividends by one of my favorite REITs (the other being IGB REIT) compared to RM145.60 in March 2015. This is more than a two-fold increase in dividends for me this year and I hope to see the next 3 dividends this year double as well.

As I recall from memory, SunREIT has been performing well, with positive contributions from the new Sunway Putra Mall in KL. Their office tower, The Pinnacle however has seen a low vacancy rate which I hope the management is able to overcome this year. Otherwise, I declare myself satisfied with the REIT’s performance, it has given me a yield of 1.62% for 2016.

CBIP Holding Berhad

CBIP Bhd Dividend Income - March 2016

CBIP has been generous this year – RM300 in dividends was paid out to me back in January 2016. And this month, a special dividend of RM560 was declared and paid out, bringing the dividend yield from my investment in CBIP to a sweet 3.86%. The Company’s final dividend will be paid out later in July and I expect it to be higher than the RM300 received last year.

Positives from CBIP include its ever growing and strong order book and the recent regaining of its pioneer tax status which should contribute positively to its future earnings.

Dividend Yield

Total yield of my investment portfolio currently stands at 1.27% for the year 2016.

A summary of my investments for the year 2015 and recent Q1 update can be found HERE.

Do you have an investment portfolio of your own? If so, what is its current yield and what is your targeted yield for 2016?

Thanks for reading.