Dividend Income 1st Quarter – March 2017

The Freedom Fund

The end of March also marks the conclusion of the first quarter for 2017. I’ve updated the Freedom Fund accordingly. My portfolio grew from RM345,955.92 back in December 2016 to RM381,021.54. That’s a gain of RM35,065.62 or 10.14% for me. However, do note that gross investment also grew from RM297,777.83 to RM312,929.52.

I did not inject any extra capital into the fund, the additional investments came from cash reserves. I do feel the need to apologize if my figures and tables are all over the place, I’m learning as I go and always finding better ways to record. Please bear with me. I’d also greatly appreciate any advice or help or criticism with my records, so please feel free.

Acquisitions and Disposals

Earlier in February, I added 6,000 units of Axis REIT shares priced at RM1.67 each, increasing the total quantity to 20,236 shares. I disposed off Eco World shares on 22 February 2017, netting a 9.22% (RM1,194.54) net gain.  In the same month, I purchased 6,500 AirAsia shares with an average price of RM2.7578 mainly due to this. So far, Axis REIT is down to RM1.65 per share, AirAsia has shot up to RM3.13 per share.

Dividend Income 1st Quarter

So! Moving on to the whole point of this site – Dividend Income.

As usual, we will be comparing the dividends received with March 2016’s where I received a total of RM880.69 in dividends. The same month this year, I received a total of RM455.37 in dividends, a 48% decline. A few factors contributed to this new figure.

First, last year, CBIP declared a special one-time RM560 dividend. Secondly, I added Scicom Berhad to my portfolio this time around. More on that later.

Sunway REIT

Sunway REIT Dividend Income

This Month’s Dividends – RM287.37

Total 2017 Dividends – RM287.37

Dividend Yield – 1.45%

Weight – 6.53% of the Freedom Fund

Same time last year, Sunway REIT declared a RM320.69 dividend. Compared to this year’s dividend of RM287.37, that’s a 10% decrease. I’d attribute this decline to their recent acquisition of new assets. Share price and investor sentiment has remained positive for the stock.

Scicom Berhad

Scicom Dividend Income

This Month’s Dividends – RM168

Total 2017 Dividends – RM168

Dividend Yield – 0.96%

Weight – 4.91% of the Freedom Fund

I purchased shares in Scicom back in October 2016. They’re a digital solution provider for huge prominent corporations. To name a few (thank you reader CHC for providing these): Huawei, Lenovo, Pepsi, Tesco, BMW, Samsung, Astro, Airasia, Fonterra,  Singtel, Dunhill, McDonald’s, Petronas, Mandela, CTOS, Axiata, Toshiba, Digi and many, many more.

My only regret is that I didn’t purchase more of Scicom’s shares back when the price was low. As of today, the share price has reached RM2.37 and I’m up by 14% already. The dividends from Scicom are decent, I’ll probably expect a 3% yield as of now. Moving forward, I’m expecting great things from Scicom.


To sum it all up, total dividends for the month is RM455.37. Currently, dividend yield stands at 1.19%. 

Looking at last year’s list, there will be even less dividends to collect in April and probably none in May.

IGB REIT’s AGM in April will be something I’m looking forward to. Also Nestle’s goody bag collection. Drop me a PM or comment and let me know if you guys are heading for those as well!

As always thank you for reading.

Dividend Income – December 2016

Dividend Income

2016 Dividend Income

First off, the Freedom Fund has been updated as of 31 December 2016. The full list of dividend yields from my share holdings can be viewed there.

Last month, I hit RM10K in dividend income for the year. For the last month of the year, I added another RM1,037.75, bringing the grand total for the year to RM11,429.55. The total has been adjusted slightly due to a slight miscalculation on my part. Would have liked the total to hit RM12K but it fell short. Having RM12K in dividends would’ve meant I was receiving RM1K exactly in passive income every month.

We shall start off with the dividends received in December and then move on to the year 2016 as a whole in my next post. So bear with me.

Nestle Malaysia

December Dividends – RM140.00

Total 2016 Dividends – RM540.00

Dividend Yield – 4.04%

Weight – 4.47% of the Freedom Fund

Nestle Malaysia Dividend

Scicom Bhd

December Dividends – RM168.00

Total 2016 Dividends – RM168.00

Dividend Yield – 0.96%

Weight – 5.16% of the Freedom Fund

Scicom Bhd Dividends

I’ve been looking at Scicom for about a year and I purchased the company’s shares back in October 2016 at RM2.08 per share.  Their dividend yield of 0.96% doesn’t reflect the full year’s as I bought the shares only in October.

Bonia Corp

December Dividends – RM421.25

Total 2016 Dividends – RM421.25

Dividend Yield – 1.56%

Weight – 5.55% of the Freedom Fund

TAANN Holdings

December Dividends – RM130.00

Total 2016 Dividends – RM130.00

Dividend Yield – 1.40%

Weight – 2.88% of the Freedom Fund

TA ANN Dividends

As with Scicom, the dividend yield for Ta Ann only takes into account the dividends received this month.


Total dividends received for the year 2016 is RM11,429.55. That’s the final number, the dividend yield – 3.84%.

Some may consider this low but don’t forget I have yet to factor in my capital gains. So come back in a few days for a grand summary of the year 2016.

Thanks for reading!