Dividend Income – January 2018

Dividend Income

Dividends, dividends, dividends!

January 2018 – RM1,340
January 2017 – RM1,180

An increase of 13.56%.

Same companies – Scientex Berhad and CBIP Berhad.  The increase was contributed by Scientex alone, giving out RM920 compared to the RM760 last year. CBIP’s dividends remained constant at RM420.


Scientex Berhad

Dividend Income January 2018 Scientex
Scientex Berhad Dividend Income – January 2018

This Month’s Dividends – RM920

Total 2017 Dividends – RM760

Dividend Yield – 3.14%


CBIP Berhad

Dividend Income January 2018
CBIP Berhad Dividend Income – January 2018

This Month’s Dividends – RM420

Total 2017 Dividends – RM420

Dividend Yield – 1.88%



Pretty straightforward stuff for the first month of 2018. Same two companies, one increasing its dividends while the other’s remained the same.

Scientex is expected to continue to contribute heavily to my portfolio’s dividend income this year.

Last year, with RM1,312 in dividends, Scientex’s dividends made up almost 10% of the Freedom Fund’s total dividend income. The 21% increase in dividends by Scientex came as a surprise as I only expected a small hike in dividends this time around.

To summarize,

Freedom Fund as at January 2018
Dividend Income (December): RM1,340
Dividend Income (2018): RM1,340
Dividend Yield: 0.4%

Last but not least, a Happy Chinese New Year to everyone! Onwards and upwards!

Review of 2017

The Year 2017

Back in 2016’s review, we surpassed the RM10,000 in dividends milestone. In 2017, we’ve rocketed past the RM15,000 mark AND surged past that sweet 4% yield.

To be precise, the Freedom Fund, in 2017, achieved a dividend yield of 4.62% totaling RM15,905.71 in dividends.

If you’ve been keeping track, that’s a 39.2% increase in dividend yield y-o-y, aided by both the increase in dividend payouts by the companies I’ve invested in and the RM30K additional investments made throughout 2017.

My portfolio is tabled as follows.

No.StockQuantityGross Investment (RM)Dividends (RM)Div. Yield
7IGB CORP4,00011,480.00200.001.74%
8IGB REIT2280029,986.561,785.705.96%


Dividend Magic - Capital Gains

Gross Investment: RM336,812.68
Market Value (2017): RM425,664.94
Market Value (2016): RM345,955.92
Dividends (2017): RM15,905.71
Total Gain (2017): RM65,364.73 (18.9%)
Total Annualized Gain: 13.03%

I will be using the internal rate of return to calculate my average annualized gain moving forward as I think this is the best way to keep track of investments.

In terms of capital gain in 2017, in simple terms, I made RM49,459.02 on paper. This is after deducting the RM30,250 additional gross investment I made throughout the year.

Adding the RM15,905.71 I received in dividends, we get a total of RM65,364.73.

Achievement Unlocked – 4.62% Dividend Yield

Capital gains aside, my main focus has and will always be on my dividends.

We set ourselves a goal of RM15,000 for 2017 and I’m extremely pleased to have reached it. Even more important, we’ve now gone above the 4% dividend yield.


I love my stocks!

I take huge pride in the ownership of each and every stock in my portfolio. It’s extremely important to love and understand the businesses you own.

I’ve got banks, an airline, property developers, manufacturers, I own shopping malls and office towers, I’ve got my fingers dipped in the waste-to-energy business.

Heck, I even have a (very small) stake in providing you with the electricity you use every day.


2018 Goals

Moving forward, maintaining that 4.5% yield will be the goal.

Even without additional investments on my part, the current RM15,000 a year from dividends alone, reinvested, is a significant sum in and of itself.

The main idea is to reinvest with a plan. There will be stocks going cheap with the upcoming economic uncertainty, both globally and locally.



As 2017 comes to a close, I hope everyone has in one form or another started investing. Be it stocks or any other assets. May 2018 be good to us all.

Sekian. Thank you for reading! Onwards and upwards!

Here’s Rosie the Riveter again for inspiration. =D

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