The Author

About Me

Hi, I’m Leigh, born in the year 1989 and I’m here to document my journey to Financial Independence in Malaysia. I strongly believe in living frugally, saving up and investing. With this blog, I hope to inspire and help out fellow Malaysians along to the way to achieve Financial Independence.

I am a certified financial planner with the Financial Planning Association of Malaysia. Currently working with a select few clients, helping them out with their finances as well as investments.

Below are some of my F.I. stats:

  1. Passive Income (dividends): RM11,429.55 p.a.
  2. Portfolio Value: RM394,196.99 (as at Feb 2017)
  3. Passive Income (property): RM4,000 p.a. (estimated)
  4. Property Value: RM60,000 (after mortgage deduction)

My Goals

I aim to become financially independent by 35 years old, I enjoy living a frugal lifestyle (with the occasional lavish spending) while meticulously adding to my portfolio of dividend growth stocks.

To be able to maintain my current lifestyle, I’d need roughly RM36,000 per annum. I will formally pronounce myself financially independent when that RM36,000 p.a. in passive income is achieved. For now, all of my efforts will be to build towards this goal.

My Story

Reading books and listening to audiobooks on investing and savings got me interested in Financial Independence. I started investing straight out of university. I didn’t have much then but I slowly built up my Freedom Fund as I started my first job. Progress was gradual in the beginning but with the help of my new found salary and compound interest, I managed to grow my portfolio from a mere RM10,000 to RM345,955.92 from 2013 to 2016.

It wasn’t easy keeping my savings rate above 50% per month. I still live with my parents, for the first few years I didn’t splurge on food and lived well within my means. With a healthy portfolio, compound interest and time on my side, I can now afford to ease up and enjoy life a little more.

I’m here to show you what real investing is really like, and that anyone can invest. There will be losses, there will be gains, I aim to be 100% transparent in my investment journey, documenting all aspects of it. This is my promise to you.

The more Malaysians we can get on the road to financial freedom, the better off we all will be. I hope I’m able to start cultivating the Financial Independence mindset here at Dividend Magic.

Onwards and upwards!