Tosca – Double Tree by Hilton

Tosca Trattoria Italiana

Let’s take a break from all the figures and posts on stocks. Over the weekend, a client of mine invited me to tag along with his family for dinner at a posh little restaurant called Tosca at Double Tree by Hilton KL. The place is located at The Intermark in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. We had trouble locating the restaurant but eventually found it by the pool at the hotel.

Trosca Double Tree Hilton


The dinner buffet was by invitation only for Hilton Premium Club members and it came with a free flow of alcohol. We got to pick from a selection of Chardonnays, Tiger or Heineken beer and Strongbow apple cider. Dinner started with caesar salad prepared in front of us, they made a big deal out of it being “prepared right in front of our eyes” but it was just a waiter preparing salad. Nothing to shout about. The Chardonnay that I started with however was well worth it.

Trosca Double Tree Hilton

Caesar Salad

Oh and I ordered mushroom soup


For me, the best part of the meal was the roast beef. They cooked it just the way I like my beef – medium rare. I had my beef with really amazing ravioli. Of course I paired these with red wine. There was also roasted chicken but I only had eyes for B-E-E-F.

Trosca Double Tree Hilton
Roast Beef Station
Trosca Double Tree Hilton
My Non-existent Plating Skills
Trosca Double Tree Hilton

By this time, I’ve quite a bit of wine to drink. I took a break and had some cold cuts together with a pumpkin risotto.

Trosca Double Tree Hilton
Cold Cuts
Trosca Double Tree Hilton
Pumpkin Rissoto


And lastly, came dessert. We were all feeling tipsy and really full by this time. I almost decided against getting dessert but fortunately I didn’t. Dessert was also prepared in front of us and served with Kahlua liquor. I don’t have much of a sweet tooth but the dessert served today was one of the better ones I’ve had.



After dinner, we sat by the pool and ended the night with a few more glasses of wine. Of course financial matters were discussed throughout the dinner but I will not bore you with the details.


Trosca Double Tree Hilton
Pool Side

It was a truly enjoyable night for me and I’m really grateful to have a friend and client who has been nothing but generous since we started working together. I was told it cost a little over RM100 per pax here.

Have any of you been to Tosca before? Or tried Hanare (one of the best Japanese buffets I’ve had) here at the Intermark? 

I hope to return to Tosca again. Till then, thank you and thanks for reading.

Dividend Income – September 2016

Dividend Income

First and foremost, I’m delighted to report that I’ve officially achieved my 2016 goal of RM8,500 in dividend income. I’ve raked in a total of RM9,044.32 this year from dividend income alone. In fact, it is entirely possible that I may be able to shatter the RM10,000 mark this year. I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

The total dividend income received for the month of September crossed the one thousand ringgit mark at RM1,172.15. The five companies that generously contributed to this amount are: Axis REIT, Sunway REIT, Homeriz, Sunway Construction and Nestle. Their individual amount and yields for the year so far are as below:

Axis REIT – RM263.65 (3.23% yield)

SunREIT – RM270.50 (4.48% yield)

Homeriz – RM489.00 (7.79% yield)

SunCon – RM9.00 (4.61% yield)

Nestle – RM140.00 (2.99% yield)

Unfortunately I’m unable to get to my mail the past few weeks so the relevant pics will be updated in due time. I know some of you can’t wait to see more of my Iron Man collection but please bear with me (Yes there are several more models to be revealed!).

Moving onto the total yield of my Freedom Fund – Total dividend yield for the year stands at 3.14%! Yes we’ve yet again crossed an important milestone – the 3% fixed deposit mark. I know some of you may argue that FDs under promotion offers way higher interest rates, but lets agree to stick to 3% shall we?

How is the Freedom Fund doing so far?

With it being the third quarter and all, I guess I should let everyone know that the Freedom Fund is doing good. For the year so far, unrealized capital gains of the portfolio stands at 9.75%. This preliminary figure is pretty good considering the volatile year we’ve had so far. With the end of 2016 so close, I will hope for a good 4th and final quarter to conclude the year. There will be a more comprehensive summary come December.

I’ve recently added a page on Dividend Investing. Please check it out!

Thanks for reading.

P.S. A good number of you have reached out to me on financial planning since my last post. I would like to offer my apologies to some of you whom I’m unable to meet yet due to my schedule. Hope to meet up with you guys soon over the next few weeks!