Dividends – December 2015

You’d noticed I skipped dividends for the month of November due to the simple fact that there were none in that month. =D

The last month of 2015 however saw me receive dividends from 5 different companies – Sunway REIT, Nestle Bhd, Axis REIT, Alliance Financial Group Bhd and Hong Leong Financial Group Bhd for a total of RM937.51.

The following pictures are self-explanatory.




(Note: I seem to have misplaced my voucher from Sunway REIT and the voucher from Alliance Financial Group has yet to arrive.)

This wraps up the dividends from 2015. My total dividends received for the year is RM7,544.14 translating to a yield of 3.12%.

A little low for my liking and I hope to improve my yield to at least 5% within the next 2 years.

A summary of my investments for 2015 will be posted soon, I’m ironing out the details as of now.  Thank you and goodbye 2015.