Scientex Berhad – 2015 Annual Report

Scientex Berhad

Received a copy of my 2015 annual report in the mail for one of my favorite companies – Scientex Berhad.

Scientex Berhad Annual Report
It came in a CD.

I won’t bore you with their numbers and figures, you can have a look at their annual report yourself at the end of this post. I’ll upload it as they have yet to upload it onto their website last I checked.

Scientex Berhad Financial Highlights
Check out their 5-year performance as taken from their Annual Report

Anyway, I came across this little known company back in the year 2013, and added a small slice of the company to my humble portfolio back then. Since then, I’ve made two additional purchases and I’m thinking of purchasing more when the price is right. Scientex currently makes up around 11% of my overall portfolio.

So far, the dividends I’ve received from Scientex have been steadily increasing. With the 13 cents dividend per share declared by Scientex, my yield comes up to 3.75% for the year 2015. This is of course excluding the capital gain of 39%  over the past 2 years.

Scientex has been and will always be in the manufacturing industry. They’ve recently constructed a new plant in Melaka which is due to start production in December 2015 – which should see an increase in revenue.

Their venture into the property development industry was also a successful one. I have to admit, I was a little apprehensive when Scientex started pouring resources into developments but to my delight, it turned out to be a brilliant move. I’ve viewed their properties in Melaka and was quite impressed with the quality and also response from the buyers.

There it is, my short summary on one of the longest held shares in a company. The entire annual report can be found here: ScientexAR_2015

Enjoy and cheers!

Dividends – October 2015

The month of October only saw me receiving dividends from a single company – Sunway Berhad.

As some of you may know, Sunway recently listed their construction arm as Sunway Construction Group Berhad. As a Sunway Bhd shareholder, I received some shares in the newly listed company as well as a share in the profits from the listing in the form of a one-time special dividend.

Sunway Bhd – Special Dividend


I also received Sunway’s usual dividend.


The special dividend bumped my dividend yield from Sunway Bhd to almost 12% this year.

Overall portfolio dividend yield increased to 2.74% for the year.
I do not expect to receive dividends for the month of November.

I’m keeping an eye on the shares listed below:

  1. Bonia
  2. Axis REIT
  3. Public Bank
  4. Spritzer